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FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2007


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Jim Acheson is back for his third-go round as costume designer for the Spider-Man movie franchise and said working with the characters is still intriguing.

"I continue to be interested in working with different technologies such as foam, plastics and metals, as well as fabrics," he said. "I'm interested in the fusion between the scupltor, the special effects shots and the costume workshop.

"We had a lot of interaction among those departments with Spider-Man 3."

One of the challenges in the new film is to show that the dark costume was affecting Peter Parker.

"It is the same fabric as the Spider-Man suit, but dyed a different color and we've changed the color of the highlights," Acheson said. "We've also changed the eyes slightly, and have coated the suit with a grid, printed in Plasticol, which we've screen printed onto the suit.

"It has a similar grid system to the red and blue Spider-Man suit, but printed with a black sheen that, we hope, gives the suit kind of a liquidity. It bcomes almost an organic structural element within the suit.

In dealing with Sandman, Acheson said it was simply a case at looking at the source material.

"We derive out inspiration, as always, from the comic," he said. "Sandman is one of those remarkable characters who can change shape, dissolve, disappear, grow or become mud or concrete. We designed various stages and different scales of Sandman's evolution, working with wonderful scupltors to creat maquettes, small statues of Sandman in his various appearances."

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The series premiere of SciFi Channel's Painkiller Jane drew 1.55 million viewers on April 13, according to numbers obtained by The Continuum.

In its 10 p.m. time slot, Painkiller Jane delivered a 1.29 househuld rating, with 715,000 viewers 18-49 and 802,000 viewers 25-54.

Compared to the April 14, 2005 episode of Dr. Who, which aired on the same night last year, Jane is up 10 percent in household ratings, up 12 percent among 18-49 and up 15 percent in total viewers.

Look for more Painkiller Jane news soon here in The Continuum.

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The Warner Bros. Television Group, The CW Network and Toyota Motor Sales are joining on a five-week integrated marketing and promotional campaign in support of the hit series Smallville (airing Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW), featuring the Toyota Yaris.

The "Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom" campaign began on Thursday and will run through the season finale on May 17. The heart of the initiative is a series of custom digital on-air comic book interstitials produced by DC Comics that will air in the form of Content Wraps on The CW during Smallville.

Launched with the premiere of The CW in September, content wraps are a new advertising format that brings content into the entire length of the commercial break and takes the place of typical spots. Each content wrap is custom designed to appeal to different demographics of the network's schedule.

"Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom" marks the first time a fully integrated, transmedia program has been developed around the content wraps.

Each content wrap will drive viewers to an immersive online game at, which will present players with five challenges related to the last five SmallvilleČepisodes of the season. Via video techniques, a mysterious figure appears on screen to guide players through the completion of each puzzle. Marketing elements of Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom will include a cross-carrier mobile campaign, street-team distribution of game clues in selected cities and a national sweepstakes for a chance to win a 2007 Toyota Yaris.

The campaign will feature the Toyota Yaris subcompact vehicle. The integrated storytelling experience of the content wraps and game will give them more of the exclusive content they crave. It will answer unexplained questions from the entire run of Smallville, detail the back story behind a major plot line, explain the secret history preceding the formation of Oliver Queenčs team and reveal the perilous mission it has been tasked with. The Yaris has already made many appearances on Smallville. One of the main characters, Chloe Sullivan, drives a Yaris.

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For covers and five-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on April 25, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Elephantmen #9, The Ride: Savannah, Rocketo: Journey to the Hidden Sea, Vol. 2 TP and The Walking Dead, Vol. 6 TP.

Click for the Warner Bros. Online


For previously posted July solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

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* TwoMorrows Publishing.

* Virgin Comics.


* Image Comics has announced it is going back to press on Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer #1.

The second printing will feature a gold foil cover and should be in stores on May 9.

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