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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2007


The CW's Smallville will be back for a seventh season, Variety is reporting.

The network will announce its 2007-2008 line-up on Thursday. Neither the network nor Warner Bros. Television has confirmed the report, but a renewal of Smallville, one of The CW's stalwart series, was expected.

Season 6 will end on Thursday with the "Phantom" episode.

"I think in many ways Season 6 was our strongest season to date," Smallville executive producer Al Gough told The Continuum. "And after Season 5, I wasn't sure that was possible.

"Season 7 is exciting and daunting, because we want to continue to grow and evolve the show, and really reward the long-time fans who have been stay tuned."

In other Smallville news, the May 31 episode will be a repeat of "Sneeze"


Rogue Pictures has optioned the rights to the Wayans Brothers' comic-book series Super Bad James Dynomite, and the action comedy movie adaptation, Dynomite that the Wayanses are preparing.

Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, and Shawn Wayans, whose movies together include Scary Movie, White Chicks, and Little Man, will produce Dynomite with Rick Alvarez. Lisa Blum will executive-produce. Marlon and Shawn Wayans have written the feature screenplay with Xavier Cook and Mitchell Marchand.

The original comic book series was created and written by the three brothers and published by IDW Publishing. A trade paperback is scheduled for July.

Creative executive Paul Getto is overseeing the project for Rogue, which will hold worldwide distribution rights to Dynomite.

Here's how the film is described:

"Marlon Wayans will star in the title role of Super Bad James Dynomite, an ex-cop turned neighborhood hero who delivers his unique brand of justice in New York City. He is Shaft, Dolemite, and Black Belt Jones all rolled into one. Dynomite has it all...until the day he is convicted of a crime he didn't commit. When he is released from jail years later, he is still the same but the world has changed. While regaining his cool, Dynomite vows to take down the man responsible for his incarceration -- a criminal mastermind who has become the mayor of the city -- and swings back into action."

"When we created the comic book Super Bad James Dynomite, I always envisioned playing the title character on the big screen," Marlon Wayans said. "I'm really happy that Rogue shares our excitement for such edgy comedy and to be working again with Andrew Rona, with whom we had such great fun and success on our Scary Movie franchise."

Click for the Warner Bros. Online


Marvel Comics on Tuesday announced that it will be using a different story for Incredible Hulk #108, pushing back the orignally solicited story to #109.

Incredible Hulk #108, written by Greg Pak, with art by Leonard Kirk and a cover by Greg Land, will arrive in stores on July 25.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"Hulk has returned to Earth for 'World War Hulk' and now he must deal with his best friend Rick Jones -- but where does Rick stand? Is he with the Hulk or has he joined with those who oppose the Green Goliath? These answers and more come in the all new Incredible Hulk #108.

"No one in the universe knows Hulk better than Rick Jones, who's stood by the savage beast through the good and the bad, no one except...Miek The Unhived? As Hulk's oldest friend on Earth meets with Hulk's first ally on the alien planet Sakaar, fans will get a look into the mind of the one man to not only fight alongside Hulk, but to also suffer with him -- Rick Jones!

"This clash of worldviews will leave Rick and Miek very different people...if either friend of the Hulk survives! And how does this affect the Hulk?"

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For covers and four- to six-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Uncanny X-Men #487 from Marvel Comics; Wasteland #9 from Oni Press; and New Battlestar Galactica #9, Highlander #7, Red Sonja #22 and Painkiller Jane #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Look for more First Looks later on Tuesday here in The Continuum.


* DC Comics has announced that Bill Sienkiewicz has provided a varaint cover for The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #14. The variant cover will be in an approximate 50/50 mix with Joshua Middleton's regular cover for the issue, which arrives in stores on July 18.

* DC announced that Loveless #19 and #20 will be resolicited.

* Due to a printing delay, The Spirit #6 will arrive in stores on May 23, one week later than its solicited in-store date.

* Archaia Studios Press had announced a deal to bring David Petersen's Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 to Doubleday Entertainment's fan base of science fiction and fantasy readers through the Altiverse segment of the Science Fiction Book Club.

The hardcover edition of Mouse Guard: Fall 1152, collecting the first six-issue Mouse Guard series, including 12 pages of bonus material, will be a featured Alternate in the Science Fiction Book Club's Summer cycle, which begins mailing to members on May 25.

* Fox has ordered a 13th season of MADtv.


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