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PHILADELPHIA -- "Is the Hulk a hero or a monster? Is this justice or vengeance?"

Questions were frequently answered with more questions during Marvel Comics' World War Hulk panel on Saturday at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Panelists include Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, Greg Pak, Frank Tieri and C.B. Cebulski.

* Pak said Incredible Hulk #107 will be a Mekt/Rick Jones confrontation. He said that the monthly Hulk book delves into the question if the Hulk is viewed by a monster or a hero by those closest to him.

* World War Hulk: Gamma Corps writer Frank Tieri said World War Hulk is a way for General Ryker to "get back into the game."

Tieri said in a series of flashbacks, readers will see who the characters are and why they want the Hulk dead.

* Cebulski said that writer Christos Gage has figured out a way to include a Hulk vs. Juggernaut fight in World War Hulk: X-Men.

* The Initiative's Black Ops team will be shown in the Avengers: The Initative tie-in issues.

* Pak said readers will see Bruce Banner during World War Hulk and "minds will be blown."

* Betty Ross will not be appearing during the event, Pak said.

* Quesada said Sentry will be "very important" to World War Hulk.

* Asked about She-Hulk, Pak said not to miss World War Hulk #2.

* Pak said that the Hulk is more focused than he's been seen. "And he is entirely convinced in the justice of his mission, and that makes him more terrifying," Pak said.

* Namor will be in Incredible Hulk #107 and Black Panther in World War Hulk #2.

* Rosemann compared the evacutation of New York City in World War Hulk: Front Line to "a Hurricane Katrina-type event."

* Brevoort said the Thunderbolts won't be involved in the event. "A lot of that is that it's not really in their mandate," he said.

* There is definitely a reckoning coming for the Illuminati characters, even beyond World Hulk, Brevoort said.

* In terms of on-time shipping for the event, Brevoort said, "Right now, it looks pretty good."

* Leonard Kirk is drawing Incredible Hulk #108.

* Quesada praised Pak for expanding the Hulk universe "by leaps and bounds."

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