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Written by Steve Perrin, Michael Auschenker, Wilson Hill, Terrance Griep and Nat Gertler, art by Mark Beachum, Tim Burgard, Franco Urru, J. Adam Walters and Rusty Haller cover by Beachum.

The Golden Age lives again. And Flare's original artists, Mark Beachum and Tim Burgard are a part of it, too. First, Beachum teams up with Steve Perrin for a tale of conflict between Flare's mother, the Golden Warrior, and the savage original Tigress. Then Burgard teams up with Michael Auschenker for the conclusion of last issue's Liberty Girl adventure in Mexico. Also in this issue, Wilson Hill and Franco Urru bring a tale of Dark Malice and the original Giant, Terrance Griep and J. Adam Walters tell a story of Doctor Arcane, and there's a Liberty Girl mini-adventure by Nat Gertler and Rusty Haller in which America's bronze goddess of freedom meets Licensable Bear.

48 pages, $4.50, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Dennis Mallonee and David Berge, art by Tim Burgard, Mark Beachum, Dell Barras and Baldorado, cover by Beachum

It's Volume One in the Flare trade paperback series, collecting her adventures from the original three-issue Flare mini-series! These were the comic books that launched comics' glittering goddess of the light along her path to fame and glory. Stories in this volume include her first encounter with the amazing Darkon, the classic tale from Flare #2 that introduced the super-swift Dash and brought new meaning to the word POIT, her first run-in with Skyyyyy Marshaaaaal, and all three Beachum "Flare-Girl" adventures.

112 pages, $14.95, in stores on Oct. 24.

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