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MONDAY, JULY 2, 2007



Written by Elaine Bergstrom, TomDeFalco and others, cover by Dave Dorman.

Moonstone launches a first book in a line of monster/horror prose fiction anthologies, with this one featuring werewolves! The blood will run red in the dead of night as both horror-fiction and comic book writers alike unite to bring you an unlucky 13 chilling tales of howling horror, just in time for Halloween.

With stories by Elaine Bergstrom, Tom DeFalco, Dave Dorman, Clay Griffith, William R. Halliar, C.J. Henderson, David Michelinie, Christopher Mills, Mike Reynolds, Beau Smith, Paul D, Storrie, Dave Ulanski and Fred Van Lente. Interior illustrations by Ken Wolak.

192 pages, black and white, $14.95.


Written by Greg Karras, art by Anthony Tan, cover by Cory Hamscher.

Having survived the Mutant onslaught, C.L.A.S.H. abandons their shadowy, guerilla tactics to commit a series of rebellious acts, all of them designed with a single purpose -- to destroy the Protectorateıs illusion of supreme authority. Once the dust of insurrection settles, however, C.L.A.S.H. must contend with the super-human fury of the Council of Seven! All this, plus a sneak peak into the origins of Dusk, Shrapnel and Knave!

32 pages, $3.50.


Written by Jeff Rice, cover by Doug Klauba.

In 1972, Jeff Riceıs novel The Night Stalker introduced Carl Kolchak to the world. This spine-tingling novel of supernatural terror became an instant bestseller and served as the basis for the film of the same name, starring Darren McGavin and adapted by legendary Twilight Zone screenwriter Richard Matheson.

After The Night Stalker became the one of the highest rated television movies of all time, a sequel, The Night Strangler, was released the following year to great acclaim.

Carl Kolchak, as the worldıs first paranormal investigator, would prove to be an irresistible draw for viewers and inspire a weekly dramatic television series which debuted in 1974.

Now, after more than three decades out of print, Kolchakıs creator Jeff Rice has agreed to release the original novels which sparked a television phenomenon! At last, The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler are together in one volume.

272 pages, $16.95.

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