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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007



Written by Joshua Luna, art and cover by Jonathan Luna.

It was a day like any other for Dara Brighton, a young promising college student, until three strangers knocked on her door, looking for a unique sword, and destroyed her life.

32 page, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Rob Liefeld and Joe Casey, art and cover by Liefeld.

Rob Liefeld returns to Image Comics and he's bringing Youngblood with him. This re-mastered, re-scripted, re-imagined hardcover finally collects the first historic issues of the very first, million-selling Image Comic. Just in time for the new monthly series debuting January 2008. Plus, an all-new ending by Liefeld and Joe Casey! Collects Youngblood #1-5.

168 pages, $34.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written, art and cover by Dan Haspiel and Michel Fiffe.

From the cyberscape of ACT-I-VATE comes a Brawl between Dan Haspiels' Billy Dogma and Michyel Fiffe's Panorama. Mature readers of hardboiled romance gone Kirby cosmic will steep in Haspeil's heart-wrenching war of woo between a passionate bruiser and his knock-em-dead dame. And, fans of Manga-inspired Ditko noir will enjoy Fiffe's psychedelic nightmare about a teenage runaway suffering from the horror of his newfound powers.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99.


Written by Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer and Tony Moore, art by Dwyer, cover by Dwyer and Moore.

Welcome to Crawl Space, a new ongoing series in the tradition of Tales from the Crypt, featuring tales of ghoulish terror! "XXXombies," part 1 of 3. The last word in zombiesplotaion. It's 1977, and a sleazy producer has gathered a bevy of adult stars for a weeklong film shoot. When they emerge, they discover a zombie plague has overrun a now-quarantined Los Angeles!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Shannon Eric Denton and Jeff Mariotte, art and cover by John Cboins.

Arizona, 1873. Frank Timmons, former soldier and lawman as well as undertaker at Arizona's Gila Flats Territorial Prison, accidentally releases 117 dead killers from Hell. Frank roams the West, tracking them down and trying desperately to avoid his own damnation. Dying in the effort isn't an option.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Juan E. Ferreyra and Diego Cortes, art and cover by Ferreyra.

James Lazarus suddenly finds himself on the run at the behest of his girlfriend, Dr. Emily Hoffman. Run off the road and left for dead, Lazarus rises and begins his urgent search to figure out who is responsible for attacking them and why. What he discovers is that like his namesake, Lazarus is immortal -- only it's in the most painful way.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Alex Grecian, art and cover by Riley Rossmo.

When FBI agent Ginger Brown got a promotion, she didn't expect her new duties would involve tracking down the world's most mysterious creatures. The Loch Ness Monster, Mothman and El Chupacabra are now on her "most wanted" list and her new partner looks an awful lot like -- Bigfoot!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written, art and cover by Tomm Coker.

Coker the co-writer/director of the upcoming Lionsgate horror film Catacombs, illustrates the first-ever Ride horror tale: The Key to Survival. A young woman is kidnapped -- bound, gagged and fearing for her life. Her captor is a deranged man named Moses, looking to satisfy his burning desire to kill. Can she outsmart this maniac before he succeeds?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Richard Kadrey, art and cover by The Pander Brothers.

In futuristic L.A. where neo-tribes inhabit the urban sprawl, a reluctant leader named Marne is warned that a "Black Network" inside the LAPD is hunting down tribal leaders and she's next on the list! When Marne discovers a secret dimension that can be accessed by a drug called Accelerate, she decides take on her enemies to save her tribe. Collects Accelerate #1-4.

120 pages, $12.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Jay Faerber, art and cover by Mahumd A. Asrar and Ron Riley.

He was the world's greatest hero, but Captain Dynamo was not a faithful husband. Now he's dead and his family is trying to piece their lives together. As his enemies descend on his unprotected city, Captain Dynamo's widow rounds up his five illegitimate children, each of whom have inherited one of their father's super-powers. Can these total strangers come to terms with their powers, their father's legacy and each other as total chaos erupts? Collects Dynamo 5 #1-7.

176 pages, $9.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Mike Allred, art and cover by Mike Allred and Laura Allred.

The classic adventures of Frank "Madman" Einstein continue with a lesson in alien love and lust between Zenelle and Mott from the planet Hoople, A murder mystery on the high seas, a robot rebellion to write home about and the first comic book appearance of Frank Miller and Geof Darrow's Big Guy in a crossover spectacular. Collects Madman Comics #1-11

328 pages, $17.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Peter Sanderson and others, art by Dave Johnson, Ed McGuinness, Phil Noto, Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker, Mike Wieringo and others, cover by Dusty Abell and Kelsey Shannon.

Anything you've ever wanted to know about the characters in Invincible, but were afraid to ask. Power levels, hometowns, relatives, origins, shoe sizes... it's all here. Written in the tradition of that other famous handbook and featuring drawings from some of the top talents in comics and animation. Collects The Official Handbook Of The Invincible Universe #1-2

112 pages, $12.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by David Hine, art by Philip Tan, cover by Greg Capullo.

It's really happening, the end of everything: The Four Horsemen, The Rapture, plagues and the dead rising from their graves. Heaven is out to destroy Hell and visa versa with no one looking out for us humans in the middle. That is no one except Spawn. Finally, the war Al Simmons was created to fight is here, but which side will he choose? Collects Spawn #150-163.

352 pages, $29.95, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by David Hine, art and cover by Brian Haberlin.

Get caught up with the new Spawn team you've been hearing so much about. Spawn has recreated the world, but it's not exactly the way it's supposed to be. Everything old is new again! With bonus behind the scenes extras fans can see the making of Spawn from thumbnail to final color. And the eight-page Christmas Spawn story from the Image Holiday Special. Collects Spawn #166-169

112 pages, $14.95, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Claudio Sanchez, art by M.S. Miller, cover by Tony Moore.

The mini-series concludes. Mariah Antillarea rallies her troops for the upcoming war against Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan. In space, Inferno chases Coheed and Cambria aboard the Gloria Vel Vessa, unaware that Admiral Vielar Crom is right behind him, ready to launch an attack on both vessels. The Priests dispatch with Patrick, but Claudio is still at large, slowly awakening to his new role as his powers continue to develop. Man, the Mage and the Prise -- it's an all-out, planet-spanning war for Heaven's Fence, and it has begun!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Steve Niles and Thomas Jane, art by Jim Daly, Tim Bradstreet and Dave Kendall, covers by Bernie Wrightson and Mark Schultz.

"The Convict's Story!" -- From the torn and bloody fields of darkest Africa to the broken rubble-strewn cities of North America, our intrepid duo of astronomers and young Anan have watched the omnivorous DeathSpiders wreak cataclysmic alien death upon our planet and wondered about their own Alien in their midst! Wonder no more, intrepid duo and young Anan! The Phaedon Warrior is ready to tell his tale! Featuring 14 fully painted pages of alien horror by English shock-meister Dave Kendall

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written, art and cover by Durwin Talon.

"Adagio." Faith Warner continues to descend deeper into the hell of her own creation. When she dreams, people die. The more she kills, the more she questions her choice. Alone and at her breaking point, she finds herself no closer to killing her father's murderer. Faith Warner must discover her true path to find redemption in spite of her actions.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Bruce Brown, art and cover by Cliff Rathburn.

After a long and deadly search, brother and sister are reunited, but what's wrong with Brit? What has the government done to him? How did this happen? And with all that's happened -- how could things possibly get worse? The answer? Very quickly!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Matt Fraction, art by Fabio Moon, cover by Gabriel Ba.

Ultra hot and super cool space-vixen Sasa Lisi and her none-to-thrilled associates at E.M.P.I.R.E. scramble as Zephyr Quinn's infernal plot unfolds: Ever get the feeling you're being watched? What if you were being filmed? What if everyone you knew were actors, playing up your paranoia trip to laugh at later? What if you were a victim of... the Secret Cinema?

24 pages, 1.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by C.B. Cebulski and Akihide Yanagi, art and cover by Ryuske Hamamoto.

Continuing her investigation into the deaths of their parents, Lola uses her conjuring abilities to speak with the spirits of the dead. This leads the girls to the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto where old magic remains a powerful force. The teens will have no time for sightseeing, though, as they are lead through a maze of temples and come face to face with the horrors that haunt them in their search for answers!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Jay Faerber, art and cover by Mahmud A. Asrar and Ron Riley.

All-new story! All-new nice! It's the debut of a brand new villain: Bonechill! But after the events of last issue, the Dynamo 5 team is in shambles, so they're going have to confront Bonechill without two of their most powerful members!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Richard Starkings, art by Moritat, cover by Boo Cook, variant cover by Ladronn.

"Victory!" Even in the face of blistering resistance, it seems that nothing can stop Mappo's advance across Scandinavia. But as Hip Flask comes face to face with the last vestiges of humanity in the frozen Scandinavian wastes, he discovers that only the dead see the end of warfare.

32 pages, black and white $2.99, in stores on Sept. 26.

FELL #10

Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Ben Templesmith.

It had to happen sooner or later. A murder with a signature tells Richard Fell that a killer he thought he put away years ago has come to Snowtown -- and may be seeking Fell out.

24 pages, $1.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written, art and cover by Andi Watson.

"House Hunting." Glister's hometown is competing in the national Bonny Village competition and Chilblain Hall is found wanting. Criticized for it's tumble down appearance the Hall takes offence and goes off in a huff. Glister and her father are left without a home and the troll has nabbed the wishing well. With Chilblain Hall happily gallivanting around the world how will they be able to persuade their errant lodging back where it belongs?

64 pages, black and white, $5.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Simon Spurrier, art and cover by Frazer Irving.

The climax looms, with open rebellion boiling onto the slick streets of the city. As the final secrets are revealed and the NoSunMan -- at last -- plays his bloody hand, Albert Oliphant is forced into a desperate, deadly Communion -- But what shattered remnants of Gutsville will remain when the uprising has run its course, and the Great Beast itself has played its part?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Ryan Ottley and Bill Crabtree. story ROBERT KIRKMAN

Tether Tyrant and Magmaniac return! After months on the run, these two dastardly villains have decided to make their move. Unfortunately for our hero, he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Invincible is in for the fight of his life -- and this is just a bump in the road on the way to the status-quo-altering events of the big issue 50 in a few short months!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Glen Brunswick, art and cover by Frank Espinosa.

Death comes calling for someone close to Sara. Her subsequent capture by the FBI puts her in the hands of a few ambitious agents who clearly studied interrogation techniques at the navel base in Guantanamo. And if she manages to survive her current ordeal the Mafia is moving in to put her down for good.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Michael Allred, art and cover by Michael Allred and Laura Allred.

Frank "Madman" Einstein and the Atomics have ganged up in an all out effort to save the Universe. But it will come at a tragic personal cost. Lives will be lost. And there will be no turning back, no reprieves, no sneaky tricks. Death comes calling for keeps! But for who? Who?!!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written, art and cover by Michael Cavallaro.

After a violent confrontation with fascists, Paolo hides out until the furor has died down. But he is betrayed by his own sister, turned over to the fascist party and imprisoned! However, the real heartbreak to Paolo is the chain of events that surrounds her betrayal.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Rick Spears, art and cover by Rob G.

Killian 002's heart has been "liberated" from his chest and it's pandemonium as our Repo teams race to claim that slippery cardiac meat worth a fat fortune. All with an army of clones out for revenge and some escaped Bengal tigers getting their man-eater on. This is the endgame, kids, last Repo Man standing: Second place, a set of steak knives.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Rick Remender and Seth Peck, art and cover by Francesco Francavilla and Euan MacTavish.

Danni goes on the offensive against the residents of Sorrow as help comes from an unexpected source. The Shaman demonstrates the extent of his madness and Dalton discovers that some secrets are better left buried. Sorrow's past is revealed, but will it be in time to help them escape before Black Dog closes in?

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 10.

SPAWN #175

Written by David Hine, art by Brian Haberlin, cover by Greg Capullo.

The showdown! The Hellspawn known as Gunslinger hits town, aiming to bring Hell to the high plains. The townspeople have one chance of survival. One man will go up against the Gunslinger -- if they don't lynch him first.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on Nov. 28.


Written by Brian Holguin, art by Philip Tan, cover by Jay Anacleto.

"Return to Endra-La." The Godslayer returns once again to his homeland, the island kingdom of Endra-La, this time to fetch the bones of his slain lover, Neva. There, he's confronted with ghosts -- both past and present -- and with the consequences of his onslaught on the land of his birth. Now, an old rival seeks to make him pay for those transgressions.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written, art and cover by Kyle Baker.

"Dudes, I don't think this transport's armored."

"Thanks, genius. That explains the flaming headless corpse driving!"

"I can't die like this. Who runs out of gas in Iraq?"


All-out action issue! Torture! WMDs! Bad intel! Mercenaries! You can't make this crap up! It's like CIVIL WAR meets 52, except it's darker and more realistic!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Concept by Steve Niles, written by Dan Wickline, art by David Hartman.

"The Abattor." This is and all-out werewolf action issue! Astan asks Ivy to look into the disappearance of local college students, which leads her to some very ferocious trouble at the slaughterhouse.

24 pages, $2.50, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by David Hine, art and cover by Hine and Rob Steen. story DAVID HINE art & cover DAVID HINE & ROB STEEN

Alex continues to unravel the sordid secrets of Sarah's involvement with Anthony Corbeau and his father, Edward.

32 pages, black and whtie, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Jamie McKelvie, art and cover by McKelvie and Guy Major.

Things go from crazy to crazier as Astrid and Dave are set upon by monsters, but who is the mysterious figure that rescues them? And when secrets are revealed, what will it do to their friendship? Plus: Dave gets a detention! Oh, noes!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Everything is changing -- starting now! It's all been leading up to this, folks! Nobody is safe. Nothing will ever be the same. The biggest, most explosive story-arc in the history of this series starts in this issue.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by C.B. Cebulski, art by Mike Oeming, Skottie Young and others, cover by Steve McNiven.

C.B. Cebulski returns for the second volume of his autobiographical anthology taking us back to his youth for another round of adventures you have to see to believe. This second issue walks us through a series of teenage trials and tribulations as C.B. tries to "round the bases" and attain certain "goals" he set for himself growing up. Told in the same open and honest style as the highly-praised first issue, these slice-of-life tales are sure to take readers back to the more carefree times of their own youths.

64 pages, $5.99, in stores on Oct. 3.



Written by Ian Edington, art and cover by Stjepan Sejic.

Spinning directly out of the events of First Born! Following their encounter with the Witchblade and her child, the Angelus and Celestine, have become more than the sum of their parts. Celestine has long sought after piece of mind and for the first time, the Angelus questions if she's more than simply a weapon of righteous wrath? This is just the calm before the storm as Celestine confronts a past she never knew in The Family!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Joshua Ortega, art by Jonboy Meyers, cover by Francis Manapul.

After the tragic and haunting events of The Necromancer Book I: Something In The Way, Abby van Alstine revisits her past, learns more about her strange connection to the Dark Age demon Mali, and encounters a monstrous creature that threatens to consumer her with its sickly evil.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Ron Marz, art by Rick Leonardi and Kevin Nowlan, cover by Mike Mayhew.

First Born tie-in issue! In the aftermath of First Born both Dani and Sara reel from the impact of the events in First Born #3. And the ultimate fate of Sara's newborn child is yet undetermined. The immediate battle is over, but the larger war has just begun.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Yasuko Kobayashi, art and cover by Kazasa Sumita.

Takeru and Kuo learn more about the origin of the Witchblade and the return of demons to the world of man. But what is the US military's interest in the Witchblade? Originally serialized in Japan's popular magazine, Champion Red and written by Witchblade Anime head writer, Yasuko Kobayashi. And now every issue of Witchblade Takeru Manga is over-sized with 38 pages of story and art leading up to the stunning conclusion in issue #12!

40 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ron Marz, Paul Jenkins, Geoff Johns, David Wohl and Chuck Austen, art by Mike Choi, Chris Bachalo, Francis Manapul and more.

The Compendium format continues by popular demand! This volume collects Witchblade #51-100, bringing the reader up to date with the Witchblade saga for around a dollar an issue! With stories by Wizard Top Ten writers & artists and the beginning of the Ron Marz era of Witchblade this is must have for Witchblade fans. Plus get the true origin of the Witchblade and see the moment Sara Pezzini realized she was pregnant.

Featuring bonus behind the scenes material and a cover gallery with art by Marc Silvestri, Greg Land, Terry Dodson, Chris Bachalo, Francis Manapul and more!

1,280 pages, $59.99.


Written by David Wohl, Christina Z and Paul Jenkins, art by Michael Turner, Randy Green, Keu Cha and more.

Just in time for the holiday season! Collecting Witchblade #1-50, Witchblade Compendium Volum 1 takes readers back to the very beginning to see how the Witchblade chose Sara and threw her into the chaotic world of the supernatural. Get the first appearances of Sara Pezzini, Ian Nottingham, Kenneth Irons and Jackie Estacado in one handy tome!

Now available for the first time in a limited edition hard cover edition! Featuring bonus behind the scenes material and a cover gallery with art by Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri and many more! Limited to initial printing, allocations may occur.

1,290 pages, $100.



Written by John Leekley and Michael D. Olmos, art by Chris Moreno, cover by Moreno and JM Ringuet.

US District Attorney, Johnny Delgado, is dead -- betrayed by a member of his own major crimes task force. Delta Special Forces officer Victor Reyes, home from battle in Afghanistan, is too late to save his blood brother from the drug lords. Assuming Johnny's identity, Victor will leave a wake of bodies in his path of revenge against those who have blood on their hands. This second issue of Johnny Delagdo is Dead is a powerful conclusion to the origin story of a new hero -- a U.S. Attorney by day, using the law to put away major criminals -- and a rider in the night, turning himself into a living weapon, roaming the Southwest to hunt down those he can't touch legally. The roar of his chopper a warning to all those who prey on the innocent.

From John Leekley, the Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer/Writer of Spawn: The Animated Series, and Michael D. Olmos, director of the Dark Horse feature film, Splinter, and featuring art by Chris Moreno and JM Ringuet.

40 pages, $3.99.



Written by Asa Shumskas-Tait, art by Dennis Budd and Joe Caramagna, cover by Joseph Michael Linsner.

In this shocking conclusion, Oliver must choose whether or not to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his girlfriend's soul and the very earth from the all consuming demon Kaveleth. But, nothing is ever that simple in Oliver's life and how does the "Copy Machine of Doom," fit into the plans?

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Dean Motter, art and cover by Dennis Calero.

This volume collects the 3-issue miniseries by Dean Motter. Convinced all his life that he was schizophrenic because of his strange visions of another world, Jon Geoffries learns that he is seeing the Earth's twin, a parallel world in another dimension, and that he is Unique, one of the few people with no doppelganger on the other world...and the power to move between them at will. Now he's a target of ruthless enemies who plan to use the connection between the Earths to control the fates of billions.

100 pages, $12.99.

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