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SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2007


SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics on Saturday unveiled its creative teams for its upcoming three-times-a-month schedule for Amazing Spider-Man.

Teams will include writer Dan Slott and artist Steve McNiven, writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Salvador Larroca, writer Bob Gale and artist Phil Jimenez and writer Zeb Wells and artist Chris Bachalo.

All four writers and Jimenez attened Marvel's panel, along with editor Steve Wacker and editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.

Following are highlights:

* Quesada said Amazing Spider-Man will heavily rely on its supporting cast. Wacker added that the book will also focus on New York City and on Peter Parker.

* Slott said that the major villains will be withheld, making their appearances more special. There will also be new villains, including Menace, Mr. Negative and Overdrive.

Wacker said something is brewing for major villains next June.

* In order, the arcs will be by Slott/McNiven, Gale/Jiminez, Guggenheim/Larroca and Wells/Bachalo.

* Quesada said that Amazing will differ from the "triangle" story approach used in the 1990s Superman titles in that creative teams will handle complete stories instead of handing them off.

* Spider-Man will be returning to his traditional red-and-blue costume following One More Day.

* Quesada said Spider-Man's appearances in other titles will be reduced.

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