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TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2007



Written by Dennis Mallonee, David Berge and Jim Valentino, art by Dick Giordano, Mark Beachum, Daniel Lauer, Habagat, Lou Mann, Mark Morales, Jim Valentino and Craig Stormon, cover by Tim Burgard.

Flare gets the spotlight as Champions shifts to Heroic's 48-page format! When Doctor Arcane drops in for a visit, the conversation turns toward Flare's friendship with Lady Arcane! In this issue, you'll learn the untold tale of how our glittering goddess of the light first met the mistress of magic, with artwork by Dick Giordano and Mark Beachum! Also in this issue, for the first time in color, it's a bonus Icicle classic, "Confrontation with the Huntsman," by Dennis Mallonee, Lou Manna, and Mark Morales. And Icestar takes on the threat of Doctor Emil Boreas in the classic adventure, "On Ice."

48 pages, $4.50, in stores on Nov. 21.


Written by Dennis Mallonee, Shawn V. Wilson and Wilson Hill, art by Tim Burgard, Mark Propst, Franchesco!, Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot, Sam Payne, Avis Nash, Rob Jones and Dick Giordano, cover by Franchesco!

Santa's little elfin granddaughter Chrissie Claus stars in the first trade paperback collection of her holiday adventures from Adventures of Chrissie Claus #1-2, Flare #30, and Flare Adventures #18-19.

112 pages, $14.95.

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