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Karen Cliche as a sci-fi bounty hunter? For those who have followed her career, it makes perfect sense.

Already a veteran in the genre with starring roles in Mutant X and Adventure Inc., Cliche is playing Baylin in Sci Fi Channel's new Flash Gordon series, which premieres on Friday at 9 p.m.

Whether it be the light-bending mutant Lexa Pierce from the final season of Marvel's Mutant X or Mackenzie Previn from Adventure Inc., Cliche has shown the chops -- acting and physical -- to handle strong female action characters. The French-Canadian actress' credits also include Young Blades, The Dresden Files, 'Til Death Do Us Part, Big Wolf on Campus and All Souls.

The Continuum caught up with Cliche (pronounced Kleesh) for a quick Q&A about Flash Gordon.

The Continuum: How did your role in this show come about?

Cliche: I had worked with one of the head writers on Flash several times on different shows, and he had given me a heads up on the project months before I auditioned for it. First I sent a tape in for Dale, and then they asked me to send another one for Baylin and here I am!

The Continuum: Describe your character? What is her relationship to Flash?

Cliche: Baylin is a bounty hunter from Mongo who lost her parents at a very young age, and has been forced to survive on her own for a long time. She meets Flash on assignment, and ends up stuck on Earth for a while. She is drawn to Flash because of his sincerity and sees that he is trustworthy, and relates to his quest for answers and yearning for a lost parent. Back on Mongo, she has no family or tribe, so she finds that in Flash, Dale and Zarkov, and as much as she would never admit it, she finds comfort in that.

The Continuum: Were you familiar with the Flash Gordon mythos?

Cliche: I had heard about Flash Gordon through the years, but was not familiar with it beyond that. I was a very young French kid when the film came out!

The Continuum: You've been in other genre shows, like Mutant X (see right). Is it a case of liking the genre or the fact that a lot of those shows are shot in Canada? Or both?

Cliche: I definitely have come to love genre. It was a whole new world for me when I started, and to have the challenge of creating and embodying aliens, vampires or mutants is so creatively stimulating! Yes, many of these shows are shot up here, and I definitely think because I have the opportunity to participate in genre shows, I have grown very attached to these kinds of characters. It is to the point now where when I play a normal human, I feel like something is missing!

The Continuum: How is Eric Johnson working out as Flash?

Cliche: Eric is absolutely the best leading man one could ask for. He is so much fun. He is dedicated and gracious , and it doesn't hurt that he is very talented and great looking! I think people will love his take on Flash. He brings humor, sensitivity and humility to the role.

The Continuum: Are you involved in a lot of action scenes? Do you like those?

Cliche: I absolutely love action scenes. It is so challenging and such an adrenaline rush, because you know that if you miss your timing on one punch...ow. It is such a test of coordination and skill. Women don't often get to showcase their physical strength, and I love to be able to do that.

So I do all the fighting in my shows, with the exception of high falls or gymnastic moves that I would look ridiculous doing... or kill myself! So I leave those things to the wonderful stunt girls!

The Continuum: OK, here's your chance to pitch the show. Why should we tune in every week?

Cliche: I think this show will appeal to wide range of people. All the elements are covered and the writing is fantastic. I believe people will love the characters, the wit, the complicated relationships, the action... should I go on? The episodes keep getting better and better, and we are having a blast. I hope you guys will love it too!

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