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ROSEMONT, ILL. --A third weekly DC Comics series? Executive editor Dan DiDio said not to be surprised if there's another series next year following Countdown.

DiDio made the comment at Friday's DC Nation panel at Wizard World Chicago.

DiDio was joined on the panel by Bob Wayne, Sean McKeever, Jim Starlin and Jan Jones.

Following are other highlights:

* Final Crisis, by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones, is slated for a May launch.

* Kyle Rayner will be the fourth member of the Challengers.

* Countdown: Arena is "the ultimate fanboy moment," DiDio said. The series, weekly in December, will feature three versions of of characters such as Batman and Superman fighting each other to become part of Monarch's army. Fans will vote for the winners.

Keith Champagne is writing, with art by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owen.

"We wanted to take full advantge of the Multiverse," DiDio said.

* The Doctor Light situation will be explained in Dwayne McDuffie's Justice League of America.

* DC wouldn't reveal the new writer of Robin.

* DiDio said Final Crisis is the final part of a three-part structure for the DCU, following Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis. "Final Crisis takes everything we're doing and puts a nice, neat bow on it," he said.

* DiDio said the seven-issue, 30-page format seems to work the best for events like Final Crisis.

* Asked about The Question, DiDio said there was not a sense of conviction for Vic Sage and that Renee Montoya helps contemporize the character and put a new spin of it.

* Regarding the Superboy trademark issue, Wayne said "When's there something we feel comfortable saying about it, we will."

* The Action Annual will be in January.

* DC will discuss the resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul at its panel on Saturday.

* Jones said the Black Canary/Green Arrow Wedding Planner is the "girliest book in a long time."

* Vertigo is not part of the Multiverse.

* DiDio said there are long-term plans for the All Star books DC is currently publishing. Artist Jim Lee is currently working on All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #8, and there might be more All Star Superman beyond the current run of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

* The Raven series, by Marv Wolfman and Damien Scott, is targeted for the first quarter of 2008.

* McKeever said readers will meet The Jokester, "who is somebody's father," his his Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer story set on Earth-3.

* Blue Beetle will be invovled in the Sinstro Corps War.

* DiDio said that there was a long talk with Greg Rucka about the resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul. It will be written by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini.

* DiDio praised Jones for DC Comics' improvement in on-time shipping. "We used to joke that we'll keep printing late books of you keep buying them, and you know what, you stopped buying them," DiDio said.

* DiDio said he doesn't see Nightwing and Oracle getting married.

* Earth-26 is the Captain Carrot Universe.

* DiDio said that Mark Waid, recently named Boom! Studios' editor-in-chief, is still on Brave and the Bold and Flash.

* The Terra mini-series is targeted for March 2008.

* All Star Batgirl is on hold and there are no plans for All Star Flash.

* Manhunter will appear in Bird of Prey. DiDio said DC is waiting to get a few issues completed before re-starting the Manhunter title.

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