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ROSEMONT, ILL. -- At the WildStorm Productions panel on Sunday at Wizard World Chicago, DC Comics announced that it is teaming with Dynamic Entertainment on a crossover bringing together three horror icons in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

The six-issue series is written by James Kuhoric, with art by Jason Craig and J. Scott Campbell providing a cover for November's #1.

The series is based on a 2003 treatment for a film by Jeff Katz, who is currently co-writing DC Comics' Booster Gold.

"There was an approved treatment that was done for it, and it got pretty far down the line before it kicked the bucket," Kuhoric said. "You're getting the movie that was to be in a comic-book format."

"I'm the biggest horror geek out there, so I'm putting everything into it," Craig said. "We've got screenshots (from the movies), and we're keeping the color, the tone, everything the same."

In other news from the panel:

* Editor Scott Peterson explained that WildStorm's adapation of the Trick 'R Treat movie, written by Marc Andreyko, will break out each of the film's vignettes into an individual issue.

"It's pretty creepy stuff without getting into slash and burn," Peterson said.

* The six-issue Armageddon event, written by Christos Gage shipping every two weeks, will conclude in December with Stormwatch PHD: Armageddon, drawn by Leandro Fernandez, and Wildcats: Armageddon, drawn by Talent Caldwell.

"If it's not the best thing that Chris Gage has ever written, he's never written anything better," Peterson said.

* DC's Bob Wayne reiterated that Grant Morrison and Jim Lee intend on completing their Wildcats story, and that Morrison also intends on completing his Authority story with Gene Ha.

* Peterson noted that Ha has a new WildStorm project he'll be working on soon.

* The cover to November's Deathblow #8 was shown.

"I'm getting pretty interesting response to the book," Deathblow writer Brian Azzarello said. "People seem to like it, but they don't understand it. By the time we're done, people will probably understand it, but they won't like it."

* Joel Gomez said his run as artist on Wetworks will run through #15. While writer J.M. DeMatteis has added some introspection into the series, Gomez said a big fight between Wetworks and the vampires.

Wetworks creator Whilce Portacio continues to provide covers while working on a Superman/Batman arc.

* Keith Giffen is writing The Midnighter #10-15.

"The Midnighter might find out who he was before being The Midnighter and what he's finding out about his past is pretty disturbing, as befitting The Midnighter," Peterson said.

* How long will Azzarello remain on Deathblow? "Til I'm done," he said. "That's the best answer I can give you."

* Gage and Scott Beatty are writing WildStorm: Revelations, with art by Wes Craig and covers by Ivan Reis.

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