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Written by S.D. Perry.

Thomas Chase wakes up from cryosleep to his first day at a new job -- as a pilot for a contraband drug company dropping a shipment on Fantasia, a rock-planet terraformed to hide an elaborate drug manufacturing operation. Everything from synthetic heroin to MX7 is cooked here, in protected caves guard-dogged by the savage Aliens.

When Chase's craft touches down on Fantasia, a chain of events begins that cannot be stopped. As criminals and competitors try to take over the drug empire from the dangerous kingpin, Chase and his brother Pete are caught in the crossfire . . . with the Aliens adding blood to the mix.

224 pages, $6.99, in stores on Jan. 16.


Written and art by Peter Bagge.

The conclusion to Peter Bagge's Apocalypse Nerd!

Perry and his new mate Midge wind up settling deep in the woods, intent to live out their days as "survivalists" -- only their means of survival is hardly anything to brag about! The story also concludes with a climactic reunion with a certain old friend.

Also, this issue's Founding Father's Funnies installment features a "My Dinner With Andre" type conversation between two pre-revolutionary-era artists, Paul Revere and the painter John Singleton Copley!

24 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written and art by Matt Wagner, colored by Joe Matt and Gregory Wright.

Limited to only 300 copies, each one autographed by the artist and numbered, this hardcover edition of Batman/Grendel is a must-have for all serious fans of master storyteller Matt Wagner!

With a handsome cloth binding with inset cover art, and a signing plate featuring an exclusive new painting by Wagner, this is the ultimate collection of the two Batman/Grendel miniseries that have been out of print for over a decade.

With the same bonus material as in the trade paperback -- including never-before-seen sketches and production notes --this volume has Gotham's Dark Knight confront the original Grendel Hunter Rose, only to come face-to-face years later with that devil's dark legacy, the twisted cyborg Grendel-Prime!

216 pages, hardcover, $99.95, in stores on Dec. 19.


Written and art by Kentaro Miura.

Guts, the feared Black Swordsman, is on the rampage . . . and it's personal. Mozgus, the malefic master Inquisitor of the Holy See, in his murderous campaign against heretics, has captured Guts' former lover Casca and has her at the ready to be burned at the stake in the Tower of Conviction, little knowing that Casca's demonic Mark of Sacrifice is drawing hideous dark powers to the Tower. It'll take everything Guts has and more to defeat Mozgus -- who is much, much more than a man -- and even if he can, will be be able to save Casca from the hordes of Hell amidst the Inquisitor's disintegrating citadel?

248 pages, black and white, $13.95, in stores on Jan. 23.


The popularity of Steve Niles' Criminal Macabre and its protagonist, Cal McDonald, is undeniable. Steve is considered one of the top horror writers in comics today. The logo of the infamous punk rock club from the comic has graced a Zippo lighter and shot glass from Dark Horse; now we present two new items: a patch and T-shirt. Just in time for Halloween, die-hard fans can create their own secret Black Cat Zombie Club!

Embroidered Patch, $5.99; Men's T-shirt, M-XXL, $24.99; Women's T-shirt, S-XL, $29.99; in stores on Oct. 31.


Written and art by Hiroaki Samura.

The "Badger Hole" story arc comes to a close, with Rin and D÷a still lost in the dark, dangerous tunnels below Edo Castle. Trapped by angry Edo soldiers, Rin is tortured while her friends hang helplessly nearby. A piercing, overpowering sound heralds the full introduction of a bizarre Itto-ryŘ warrior who's only been barely glimpsed in past issues. His arrival promises some vicious swordplay, as manga master Samura flexes his creative muscles to bring us another unique, fast-paced battle! Heads will fly!

Featuring a full-color pinup by American Splendor and Meathaus contributor Zachary Baldus and a black-and-white pinup by Pirates of Coney Island illustrator and Last Call creator Vasilis Lojos!

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written and art by Asuka Katsura.

Set several decades after the events in the popular Blood: The Last Vampire anime film, an amnesiac Saya Otonashi lives as a seemingly normal high school student with her adoptive family in Okinawa. Horrible nightmares are the only hints at the violent life she once led, but her past is about to catch up with her and awaken the merciless warrior within. Chiropterans -- powerful shape-changing creatures who need and crave blood -- threaten humanity once more, and a mysterious organization called the Red Shield needs Saya's deadly sword skills and mysterious powers to aid in the fight against these beasts. As her submerged abilities begin to reawaken and as she seeks to regain her memories, Chiropteran warriors are guided by a mysterious leader to threaten Saya and her loved ones. Asuka Katsura's manga series successfully expands upon the original Production I.G/Aniplex feature, delivering moments of jarring violence and thrilling action in a tale that spans several centuries.

208 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on Jan. 6.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by Guy Davis, cover by Mignola.

Abe Sapien follows a strange clue to the jungles of Indonesia and a secret society with connections to his past life during the American Civil War. Meanwhile, Liz's apocalyptic visions have begun to escalate, and Johann makes a startling discovery about a member of the Bureau.

Garden of Souls offers a window into the bizarre backstory of Abe Sapien and his colleagues in the mysterious Oannes Society -- complete with Victorian cyborgs, doomsday devices, and a very well preserved mummy.

146 pages, $17.95, in stores on Jan. 23.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art and cover by Guy Davis, colored by Dave Stewart.

A mysterious monster is killing its way through the heart of B.P.R.D. headquarters, leaving the agents helpless as Liz withdraws further into the world of her visions.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written and art by Mi-Kyung Yun.

Habaek, the mysterious Water God, is cursed to live his days in the form of a little boy -- while he turns back to his true adult self at night. His new human bride, Soah, thinks that she's been married to a child and has no idea that the attractive "Mui" is actually the adult Habaek. Surrounded by a cast of colorful elemental gods and their servants, Soah is tempted by flirtations from both "Mui" and the rascal Huye. When Tae-eul-jin-in spills Habaek's surprising secret, Soah audaciously plots to uncover the truth for herself. She has to be careful, though, so she doesn't anger the moody gods -- including her powerful new husband!

184 pages, black and white, $9.95, in stores on Jan. 2.3


Written by Brian K. Vaughan, pencils and cover by Geroges Jeanty, inked by Andy Owens, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Jo Chen.

Faith hits the ground running after she infiltrates the estate of a rogue Slayer, that is until Buffy pops in and is confronted by her longtime nemesis. Certainly, chaos ensues.

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 7.


Written by Andi Watson, Christopher Golden, Dan Brereton and Tom Sniegoski, penciled by Hector Gomez, Eric Powell and Cliff Richards, inked by Rick Ketcham, Sandu Florea and Joe Pimentel, colored by Guy Major, cover by Brian Horton. The third volume of our Buffy omnibus series follows the gang through harrowing trials and tribulations -- slaying vampires, going to high school, and young love. Angel has lost his soul and found it again, Xander and Cordelia kiss and make up, and Willow and Oz confront his inner beast. With so much romance in the air it seems only natural that we would catch up with Spike and Dru in the short story "Who Made Who". We meet the twisted duo in Brazil following a brutal break-up involving Dru's sire and former love interest, Angelus.

Collecting the Buffy stories "Play with Fire," "Spike and Dru," and issues #1-8 of the original Buffy series. 320 pages, $24.95, in stores on Jan. 30.


Written and art by Kim Sung Jae.

Chunchu is a sullen, dark figure. Hunted for the bounty on his head, with the blood of hundreds on his hands, and hated by his own comrades -- it's easy to see why. But it's not his fault that he's impossible to kill and thirsty for blood. It's his brother's fault. It was his own brother that planted the demon stone in Chunchu, while the two were just babies. So now Chunchu lives as a man possessed by a curse, fighting for a kingdom that should be his to rule.

But who is this mysterious man who knows of Chunchu's curse, and just may have the means to take him down? And will Chunchu fight him or welcome death? Learn more about these two shadowy warriors in the third volume of Chunchu: the Genocide Fiend.

184 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on Jan. 16.


Dark Horse continues its series of vintage-style statuettes featuring the best characters from comic books. Modeled after products that were popular in the 1930s and 1940s, the new statuettes being produced by Dark Horse are designed and manufactured consistent with earlier "syroco"-style figures. This month we announce #10 in the series, The Goon, from Eric Powell's Eisner Award-winning series. Produced in a limited edition of only 550 hand-numbered copies, The Goon figure is fully painted and ready to display. Each hand-numbered statuette comes carefully packaged in a custom-tooled, full-color, litho-printed tin box. Also included is a small booklet about each character and a vintage-style pinback button of the character. Sculpting by Yoe! Studio.

5 inches tall, includes a booklet and pinback button, $49.99, in stores on April 9.


Written by Kurt Busiek, art by Greg Ruth.

At last, the Battle of Venarium: a tale gorged with blood, death, triumph, loss, glory, and revelation, as Conan reaches the first major turning point in his life before leaving Cimmeria for the world outside and becoming a legend in both... The grand finale of "Born on the Battlefield"!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 21.


Written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza, art by Rafael Kayanan, Cary Nord, Eric Powell, John Severin, Bruce Timm and Timothy Truman, colored by Kayanan, Michelle Madsen and Dave Stewart.

Eisner Award-winning writer Kurt Busiek teams up with some of the best artists and writers in this collection of stand-alone stories from Conan. In "Helm," Busiek and Fabian Nicieza write and EC Comics legend John Severin draws the story of Conan's famous horned helm. Renowned comics and animation artist Bruce Timm lends his styling to the darkly comic "Conan's Favorite Joke." Current Conan writer Timothy Truman takes pencil in hand as the Cimmerian's influence crosses generations in "Seeds of Empire" and "The Blood-Stained Crown." Goon creator Eric Powell draws the poignant story of a young and unsung hero in "Storyteller," Dark Horse's centennial tribute to Conan creator Robert E. Howard. And artist Rafael Kayanan returns to the world of Hyboria with "In the Tower of Tara-Teth," a gritty adventure set during the Cimmerian's years as a mercenary and pirate.

Collecting issues #18, 26-28 and 39 of the Dark Horse Conan series.

128 pages, $16.95, in stores on Jan. 30.


Written by Steve Niles, art by Nick Stakal, colored by Michelle Madsen, cover by Tim Bradstreet.

Cal McDonald: drug-fueled paranormal private investigator, friend of ghouls and werewolves, vampire slayer . . . babysitter? Cal finds himself protecting a baby who has a good chance of growing up to be Satan's representative on Earth, while facing down a bunch of devoted devil worshipers and a relentless, reanimated Templar Knight ready and willing to slay anyone in his path!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 21.


Written by Randy Stradley, Chris Warner and Mike Richardson, art by Adam Hughes, Doug Mahnke, Paul Chadwick, Warner, Paul Gulacy, Jerry Ordway, Terry Dodson, Brain Apthorp and others.

In the not-too-distant past, the first nuclear weapon test changed the world forever . . . but not in the way we expected. Unleashed upon the planet was a microscopic technological virus of unknown origin that infected millions -- some to no effect, some to horrifying agonies and disfigurement, others with the gift of incredible and sometimes terrifying power. But would a world populated by supermen become a battleground for good against bad . . . or bad against worse? Is it true that with great power comes great responsibility . . . or does it truly come with great license?

Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus collects Comics Greatest World and Will to Power, the two hit maxiseries created by Dark Horse Comics that turned the concept of the superhero universe on its head, bringing together an all-star team of creators.

424 pages, $24.95, in stores on Jan. 16.


Written and art by Kevin Ferrara.

Showdown in Magruder! The gunslinger named Cobra has searched high and low for the one known as The Deadlander -- and now he's found him. Will Cobra live to tell the tale of his encounter with the undead gunman? Or will he be just one more soul laid low by the gun of The Deadlander? And will the good citizens of the town of Magruder survive the encounter?

22 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written by Haruka Takachiho.

When a miner on the industrial planet Chakra is attacked by an unknown animal yet somehow survives, Trouble Consultants Kei and Yuri are called in to investigate. How did the miner survive his wounds, and what are the ulterior motives of the company-town's superiors -- the enigmatic religious leader, the town mayor, and the owner of the mining facilities? The answers will shock the two women and embroil them in yet another highly dangerous -- and highly destructive -- adventure!

This book contains nine illustrations in all; eight black-and-white line art illustrations, plus one two-page color tip in illustration.

Features the original cover and nine interior illustrations by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, character designer for such anime as Mobile Suit Gundam and The Venus Wars, for which he was the writer, character designer, and director.

224 pages, $8.95, in stores on Jan. 30.


Written and art by Greg Broadmore.

By jingo, by crikey, and by all that's good in this world, he's done it! Dr. Grordbort has released his directory of scientific splendor. A catalogue of wondrous contraptions and wave weapons of unprecedented power, this book makes available a myriad of destructive and beneficial devices to any intergalactic explorer: Rayguns, Metal Men, Ironclads, and Rocketships are all presented. Also included is a sequential pictographic essay (also known as a "comic") on the exploits of world-famous naturalist and adventurer Lord Cockswain. See him uncover the natural mysteries of Venus with several big guns!

Written and Illustrated by Weta Workshop Conceptual Designer Greg Broadmore, this book sumptuously details a science-fiction history that never was. Hearkening back to the classic sci-fi serials of yesteryear, it features the Weta Originals line of highly limited Raygun collectibles and reveals their backstories and mythos.

32 pages, hardcover, $12.95, in stores on Jan. 23.


One of the most beloved characters from Elfquest is Skywise. Orphaned at birth, Skywise is the resident astronomer of the Wolfriders. His name comes from his passion for the stars. While Skywise had always been Cutter's counselor, confidant, and close friend, the relationship between them changed dramatically, and created a gulf between the "brothers in all but blood."

Sculptor Tim Bruckner has made a pre-painted bust, with unique "pivot" feature allowing the owner to adjust the display angle at their pleasure . . . It will come packaged in a full-color collector's box, and will be individually numbered.

6 inches tall, limited to 1,500, $49.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written by Rick Remender, art by Jerome Opena, colored by Michelle Madsen.

With little hope, left Heath and Mara are forced to separate on two desperate missions to either relocate the remnants of humanity to a new world or cleanse Earth of the infestation of Feeder aliens. On the road to the Feeders' home world, to seek the monsters' natural predator, Heath finds himself facing the consequences for deeds committed by humanity years before. On the other side of the galaxy the motivations for Mara's treachery hold dire consequences for Charlotte and the new Fear Agents.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 28.


ReelArt Studios and Dark Horse Comics present Frazetta's Moon Maid statue, the second of an ongoing collection inspired by the original artwork of one of the world's most beloved fantasy illustrators, Frank Frazetta. The fully hand-painted statue as sculpted & painted by Tim Bruckner depicts one of Mr. Frazetta's famous works and was personally overseen and approved by the master. This amazing statue is minutely detailed, stands 10" tall, and comes securely packaged in a full color box.

10 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide, limited to 2,000, $175, in stores on Dec. 12.


Written and art by Eric Powell.

This special volume collects all the tales of one of The Goon's most nefarious villains -- the diabolical mad scientist, Dr. Hieronymous Alloy -- in one handsomely designed (and handsomely priced) signed hardcover. Chronicling the rise of the mysterious evil genius from his early days as a misunderstood visionary, to his status as one of the finest scientific minds in the world, and finally to his inevitable spiral into madness, this hardcover is a must-have for every serious fan of the Goon. What's more, every volume is signed by Powell himself. Buying this book should be like dodging a brick -- a no-brainer!

136 pages, $24.95, in stores on Jan. 23.


Written and art by Matt Wagner.

The original Grendel, Hunter Rose, returns in this new mini-series written and drawn by Matt Wagner! This is an untold chapter in the life of the greatest criminal mastermind in history -- a thrilling and horrifying glimpse into a time when Rose's novels were at the top of all the bestseller lists and rumors of the assassin Grendel were on the lips of every terrified mobster unfortunate enough to present an obstacle to Rose's utter domination of the city's underworld. For the first time in over a decade, Wagner returns to the character that made him famous to reveal the biggest secret of Rose's illustrious and bloody career as Grendel!

24 pages, black and white, $3.50, in stores on Nov. 21.


Written by Mark Evanier, art by Sergio Aragones, colored by Tom Luth.

They said it would be a cold day in Hell before Groo did something intelligent. Well, he didn't, but it is anyway. Icebergs are melting or going south for the winter. Volcanoes are erupting. Rains are raining. It's starting to look like the end of the world and amazingly, it isn't Groo's fault. (Well, some of it is.) Blame the award-winning team of Sergio AragonÚs and Mark Evanier, along with letterer Stan Sakai and colorist Tom Luth. That's right: the same guys who've been doing Groo for a quarter of a century. Sooner or later, they're bound to get it right.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 21.


Written and art by Kenichi S

The gang is all here, for a road rally on Route 66! Of course we've got Rally, Minnie-May, Bean Bandit, and the rest of the bunch, but this volume features the return of driving damsel Riff-Raff! When you have this crew going head-to-head against a gaggle of other dangerous drivers, then you've got yet another tome of lunatic traffic. And what would a volume of Gunsmith Cats be without the requisite gunplay! This time we've even got the classic Russian rocket-propelled grenades!

192 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on Dec. 26.


The mysterious crimson warriors, the Royal Guard are the personal bodyguards and protectors of The Emperor. Culled from the ranks of the highest qualified and most loyal of the Imperial Army, the intimidating Guardsmen are truly the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

Standing at almost 12 inches tall, the normally stoic Royal Guard is poised with Force Pike in hand, ready to defend the Emperor at all costs. The Royal Guard's robes and sleek helmet have been reproduced in exacting detail, utilizing reference materials from Lucasfilm's archives, and the flowing cloak reveals many details of the uniform not normally seen in any of the films!

11.75 inches tall, $125, in stores on Dec. 19.


Ragamuffin has been eaten and Lenore's in shock. Now you can be a part of the action with your very own Lenore vinyl figure. What will Lenore do? Can Ragamuffin call for help? Can a snake really digest a Ragamuffin? The suspense is killing me!

8 inches, $24.99, in stores on Feb. 6.


Written by John Stanley, art by Stanley and Irving Tripp.

Come visit Main Street, home to the cleverest girl in America -- Lulu Moppet! Whether it's reclaiming a roast chicken stolen by the clubhouse fellers, placating the terrible tot Alvin with a tale of the wicked Witch Hazel and her nasty niece Little Itch, or solving the case of the grasshopper's ghost with junior detective Tubby, Lulu can turn any conundrum into a recipe for fun!

Filled with gems from the golden age of comic books, this collection of Little Lulu stories is sure to inspire laughs in both young and old!

216 pages, black and white, $10.95, in stores on Jan. 9.


Written by Mike Richardson, art by Ben Stenbeck, cover by Richard Corben.

New York City, like every city in the world, has one problem: its entire population is dead. A global virus has turned the seven billion inhabitants of Earth into mindless brain-and-flesh-hungry zombies. Best friends Straw and Whip have been able to survive in this savage land disguising themselves as zombies, now they feel the flames of jealousy over what -- in all likelihood -- is the last living woman on Earth. Will Betty's feminine charm divide Straw and Whip? Will her penchant for playing zombie target practice prove a fatal fetish?

Two boys, a girl, and seven billion living dead.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written by Mike Mignola, art by Jason Armstrong, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Mignola.

"Beware my claw, for I've come to inflict justice!"

Undeterred by his defeat in the jaws of the snake monster, The Lobster springs back into action -- but can he find his ally in time? Jim -- still in his stolen battle armor -- has fallen into the clutches of a mysterious villain who'll stop at nothing to harness the cosmic Vril energy that powers Jim's armor!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 7.


By Stephen Randall and the Editors of Playboy magazine.

The red carpet. The Method. Sundance. Cannes. A gold statue named Oscar. We love actors because they can make us laugh, and then make us cry, because they are at once The Beautiful People, and because they are also Common Man. We love them for how they unflinchingly take our lives and reflect them back to us, whether desperate and depraved or honorable and admirable.

In this collection of candid interviews, Playboy gets to the heart of these mysterious creatures, exploring their ambitions, heartbreaks, and goals, asking the questions we all want to know. What does Matt Damon do on the weekends? How has Bruce Willis gotten burned by the media? Why is Robert de Niro so private? How does Johnny Depp feel about fame?

This volume features interviews with the following notable figures: Nicolas Cage, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Will Smith and Bruce Willis.

480 pages, $22.95, in stores on Jan. 9.


Written and art by Gina Biggs.

Romantic high school student Miharu Ogawa believes that red strings of destiny tie lovers together forever, but a few hardened hearts around her feel that such bonds can be easily broken. Still struggling with the news of the arranged marriage that her parents lined up for her, Miharu begins to doubt her first instincts about Kazuo Fujiwara. After a rainy afternoon brings them together, Miharu finds that she has more in common with the salacious Makoto Yosue than she thought. Karen begins to vie for the heart of a boy who's promised to another, as memories of a past love torture her. This second book presents chapters eight to fourteen of an ongoing journey of self-discovery. Collected for the first time ever!

200 pages, black and white, $9.95, in stores on Jan. 23.


Written by Peter David, penciled by Bart Sears, inked by Randy Elliott, colored by Lucas Marangon.

Danny Duncan's life is a mess. His job is mind-numbingly boring, his elderly father is slipping into senility, and since Danny got out of the Belle Foux treament facility people have been saying he's crazy. On top of all that, odd things have started to happen around Danny. People are behaving strangely around him, as if they're reacting to his thoughts and daydreams . . . What is this strange phenomenon, and how is it tied to Danny's recent stay at Belle Foux?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 21.


With the fabulous response we've received for our Serenity ships, we are happy to continue with this line of ornaments. Last month we offered Inara's Shuttle, and this month we are pleased to announce the Reaver Ship. Fans of Firefly and Serenity will be familiar with the look of the Reaver ships, created from abandoned ships and spare parts, with their threatening red markings. In Serenity, the Reaver Ships emerge from an ion storm in the quest for Mal and his crew. We've based our ornament on one of the memorable, menacing ships in this scene.

5.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, $39.99.


Written and art by Gilbert Hernandez.

Paul has discovered the secret identity of the neighborhood's mysterious peeping Tom: it's his high school gymnastics squeeze Val! This gives Paul the inspiration to formulate bad doings on specific folks of the 'hood. The trouble is, he's got secret amorous designs on someone near and not so dear to Val! And when Val finds out, things get nasty!

24 pages, black and white, $3.50, in stores on Nov. 28.


Written by Michael A. Stackpole, penciled by Robert Teranishi, colored by Chris Chuckry, cover by Duncan Fegredo.

When Luke Skywalker, the New Republic's greatest hero, decides to marry Mara Jade, the woman who was once the Emperor's personal assassin, you can be sure that hands both Imperial and New Republican will be raised to stop the marriage -- at any cost! Starring Han and Leia, Chewbacca and Lando, Union marks a monumental event that links the classic trilogy to the boundless future of the Star Wars galaxy!

96 pages, hardcover, $19.95, in stores on Jan. 2.


Written by Matthew Fillbach, Shawn Fillbach, Chris Avellone and Jason Hall, art by Shawn Fillbach, Stewart McKenny and Ethen Beavers.

Loved by Star Wars fans of all ages, Clone Wars Adventures returns with four more fantastic tales! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker take a junked speeder on a deadly race through a canyon teeming with bounty hunters, a duty bound clone trooper finds himself the sole defense against an army of droids, a free-spirited young Jedi is tasked with a dangerous mission of greater significance than she realizes, and a peaceful group of farmers find themselves on the frontlines in the fight against the Separatists -- all in this action-packed collection of stories told in the super-popular stripped down stylization of the Cartoon Network micro-series!

80 pages, $6.95, in stores on Dec. 19.


Written by Mick Harrison, penciled by Dave Ross, cover by Zach Howard.

"Parallels," part 4 of 5. Bomo Greenbark and his companions have been imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured, but now Bomo has found a way out. Freedom beckons, but honor demands he take action to free his friends. And action means his captors are about to see a very, very dangerous side of him.

Meanwhile, Master K'Kruhk discovers that those under his protection are more in need of it than ever. Bad guys beware!

Evil has had its day, it's time for the forces of good to strike back!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 28.


Written by John Jackson Miller, art by Brian Ching, Harvey Tolibao and Dustin Weaver, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Weaver.

For a thousand generations, the Jedi kept peace and order in the galaxy -- but things don't seem peaceful or orderly for Padawan Zayne Carrick, falsely accused of murder and thrust into the Mandalorian Wars! And here, readers can get the back-story on the scene, 3963 years before the Battle of Yavin!

Check out illustrated profiles on Zayne and his outlaw friends; Lucien and the Covenant; Squint and the Jedi Crusaders; the Mandalorian invaders; and more!

Written by series writer John Jackson Miller, the Handbook is perfect for catching up with the series so far -- while offering new information for regular readers, including an incredible cross-section of everyone's favorite junk hauler, The Last Resort, by series artist Dustin Weaver!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 7.


Written by John Jackson Miler, penciled by Dustin Weaver, inked by Dan Parsons, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Colin Wilson.

"Knights of Suffering," part 2. Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick left Taris vowing to catch his murderous Masters before they caught him. Now, he's returned -- only to find the planet under siege by Mandalorian invaders. And there's someone else waiting for him -- who's about to turn the tables on all his plans!

Nearly alone in a war zone, Zayne is surrounded by enemies. Some want him brought to justice. Others want the bounty on his head. And the Mandalorians just want the whole planet! And when even friends become enemies, he finds himself at the mercy of someone who has no mercy -- one of his former Masters!

Building toward the culmination of the yearlong "Days/Knights" sequence, the long-awaited return to Taris also includes several familiar faces from the Knights of the Old Republic video games!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 28.


Written by John Jackson Miller, art by Brian Ching, Dustin Weaver and Harvey Tolibao, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Colin Wilson.

"Days of Fear, Nights of Anger." Nearly 4,000 years before the Death Star, fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick's quest to clear his name runs afoul of forces beyond his control -- forces he and his friends have helped to unleash!

Con-artist Gryph sees the Mandalorian Wars as a chance to make a quick credit, but Zayne sees a terrible tragedy on the horizon -- one where only an act of self-sacrifice can save the ungrateful Republic! But the real key to the future of the galaxy may lie with none other than Zayne's fellow fugitives, the genius Camper and the beautiful Jarael, who have just fallen prey to the forces they've spent a lifetime running from!

Collecting issues #13-18 of the ongoing comic book series.

144 pages, $18.95, in stores on Jan 16.


Written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema, inked by Dan Parsons, colored by Brad Anderson, cover by Travis Charest.

"Dragon," part 5 of 6. Hoping to free their friend Cade Skywalker from the clutches of the Sith, Deliah Blue and Jeriah Syn receive help from a surprising source. And Cade, who was captured by the Sith while trying to free Jedi Hosk Tre'Lyis, discovers that Hosk has found his own path to freedom, via the Force.

The good, evil, and those in-between are coming together, and the result is going shake the foundations of the Empire!

The full story of Darth Krayt's origin is revealed!

40 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 14.


Written and art by Kazuhiro Okamoto.

Shoujo fans will enjoy the humor, romance, and sci-fi twists found in Translucent, as Shizuka Shiroyama tries to finish the eighth grade while coping with school woes, a hyperactive admirer, and a disease which is literally turning her translucent! In this volume, Shizuka also deals with a nosy new doctor, a friend's emotional wedding, and her growing crush on classmate Mamoru Tadami. While the Translucent Syndrome brings many complications into her life, Shizuka is determined to follow her dreams, support her friends, and live a fairly normal life . . . despite the odd problems that life throws at her.

200 pages, black and white, $9.95, in stores on Jan. 30.


Written and art by Yasuhiro Nightow.

With a fleet of rescue ships from Earth facing off against Knives, the humans in chaos on the ground, Livio renewing his struggle against Elendira, and Vash trying to keep everyone from getting hurt, Trigun Maximum promises a dizzying array of action. But in the midst of this multiple-front battle, Yasuhiro Nightow flashes back to the past, letting readers in on some background information on Knives, Vash, and even Legato Bluesummers.

The freakishly frantic Trigun Maximum continues to provide plenty of action and emotion, and with at least two more volumes to come after this one, it's a series with some serious firepower.

240 pages, black and white, $9.95, in stores on Jan. 16.


Written by Gerard Way, art by Gabriel Ba, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by James Jean.

The reunited Umbrella Academy launches into action to combat a robot crime spree and investigate a string of murdered violinists, all while trying to prevent the apocalypse. Meanwhile, the team's missing member -- their powerless sister -- slips further through the cracks, and into the very heart of a plot to destroy the world.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 21.


Written and art by Stan Sakai.

Plagued by dark visions of the demon Jei, Priest Senzo creates an uproar in the temple when his terrifying dreams intensify. Elsewhere, the hunt for Inazuma, killer of Boss Bakuchi's son, reaches a tipping point. A group of bounty hunters have cornered her in a peasant's hut, but they aren't the only hunters on Inazuma's trail. Together with Gen and Stray Dog, Usagi finds his way to the hut -- yet what the three discover upon arrival defies description!

24 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 28.


Written by Arvid Nelson, art by Matt Camp, colored by Dave Stewart.

Hunt. Kill. Scavenge. Life's been fairly simple for the solitary Zero, New York City's top bounty hunter. In an alternate Earth where nuclear devastation has left gangs of survivors fighting for scraps, Zero has moved though the city untouched and feared -- until now! After rescuing Stark and returning to the Empire Tower, several curious interlopers encroach upon his secret lair. Zero is offered a risky assignment, which could either make his wildest dream come true or leave him stranded in his worst nightmare. Meanwhile, Stark stumbles upon a trinket which opens up many painful memories, and Clarence gets high. Welcome to New York 2007! Zero is a bounty hunter who hunts the dregs of a ruined society. He is the Zero Killer, and his world is about to be turned upside down!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 21.

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