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Package art by Juan Jose Ryp.

Straight from the pages of Warren Ellis' series Black Summer, Horus is now available as an action figure! The hero who killed the President is now immortalized in this retro-style 8-inch poseable figure. Styled after the popular 1970's type of toys, Horus comes with a cloth costume, complete with his emblem on the back. The packaging features all-new artwork by series artist Juan Jose Ryp on the front and back, and the package itself is a re-sealable clam-shell so that you can easily open and close it without damaging the plastic. Limited to just 750 units.

8 inch figure in a clam-shell package, $24.99.


Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Juan Jose Ryp.

The Seven Guns' flare of anger following the death of one of their own has burned itself out. But they must know there's going to be retaliation. They must know that, sooner or later, the scale of what Frank Blacksmith has been doing over the last few years would be revealed to them. A private army, waiting for the day Frank would be ordered to wipe out the Guns... This issue is available with a regular or wraparound cover and also a rare 1-in-25 cover featuring the Tom Noir design sketch, all by series artist Juan Jose Ryp.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Ivan Rodriguez.

People are getting sick. People are developing... defects. Lumps. Strange anomalies in their Grinder gear. You might almost call them "mutations." This town needs a doctor. Unfortunately, there's only Doktor Sleepless here -- and it might be all his doing... The issue is available with a regular cover by series artist Ivan Rodriguez, or wraparound cover by Raulo Caceres, and also a rare 1-in-15 Future Warning Sign cover.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Garth Ennis, art and cover by Mike Wolfer.

Somewhere out there in the dark, Red Crow waits. Apache warrior, serial killer and scourge of the Montana Rockies, the brutality of Red Crow's actions against the white invaders upon his people's land is unparalleled. But one man has dedicated his life to ending the savage killer's reign of terror, and Colonel Joseph Dunn will not rest until Red Crow's head rides a pike. With uneasy allies enlisted from the ranks of visiting business man Charles Morrison's personal bodyguards, Dunn prepares a hunting party to track and kill the Apache madman. But as tensions in Gladback run high in anticipation of the quest into the wilderness, Dunn senses that his posse could be more of a threat to his life than Red Crow himself. This issue is available with a regular or wraparound cover by series artist Mike Wolfer.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Mike Wolfer.

Back in print in time for the all-new series in 2008! The entire Strange Kiss series collected in one volume featuring the introduction of William Gravel! Strange Kiss is best described by Ellis himself: "Horrific murder suicide in the middle of a busy city street at midday; an old man rotting and bloating in a hospital bed, something sick gestating inside him; in a darkened place close by, people screaming, impregnated, doomed. Something beautiful and awful is trying to reproduce, and its strange kiss is only to be feared..."

72 pages, black and white, $8.95.


Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Mike Wolfer.

Finally, back in print! Warren Ellis brings his mad visions to life with the same team who brought you Strange Kiss. Stranger Kisses is about people for whom two genders are not enough, no matter how you play mix and match with sexuality. It's also about videotape, bad secrets, and what it's like to have an entire city wanting to kill you. The videotape is of seriously physically modified whores. Possibly altered at the genetic level. Because those extra orifices look grown. And those weird protuberances don't look artificial... A very 21st Century comic, mad and modern and speedy and full of nasty ideas. In LA, the future of rich man's whoring and trophy women is being designed. Two sexes are not enough. People like their kisses stranger than that.

72 pages, black and white, $9.95.


Package art by Juan Jose Ryp.

The master of sexy, Juan Jose Ryp, designs the first new Lady Death 3D product in many years! Featuring box art and sculpt design by Juan Jose Ryp, this super-limited product stands almost 7 inches tall and comes carefully packed in Styrofoam inside a full-color box. Limited to just 400 units.

7 inch bust in a full-color box, $59.99.


Art by Juan Jose Ryp, Matt Martin and others, cover by Rafa Lopez.

The luscious queen of the dead is back on the beach! Heat up your winter with this sultry all-new pinup book featuring Lady Death drawn by some of the best artists in the industry! With Juan Jose Ryp, Matt Martin, Daniel HDR, Gabriel Guzman, Rafa Lopez and many more, this special is so smokin' it might catch fire! This issue is available in several sexy new covers including the standard edition by Rafa Lopez, Wraparound by Richard Ortiz, Seeley by Tim Seeley, Premium by Daniel HDR, a leather cover by Matt Martin that is limited to 600 copies or the very-limited Jewel cover by Daniel HDR that features jewels on the actual cover, and ships in a special protective shell with a print run of just 350!

16 pages, $2.99.

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