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Marvel Comics staged a press conference with Captain Marvel writer Brian Reed and editor Lee Weeks on Thursday.

The mini-series launches on Oct. 14, with art by Lee Weeks and covers by Ed McGuinness.

Below are highlights:

* Reed said the mini-series picks up from Civil War, and Captain Marvel decides to leave as warden of the prison. He is now living in France, out of the way of everything, and Tony Stark goes looking for him.

Captain Marvel knows he has cancer and knows he's going to die. "He's really started to look at what he can do with the time left," Reed said.

* The first issue deals with where Mar-Vell has been and why he is in France.

* Reed wrote the first issue not knowing who was going to draw it. He said that editor Steve Wacker told him Lee Weeks was going to draw it, he said, "Oh, my God, that's who I was thinking of."

* Wacker said that Weeks seemed perfect for the personal nature of the first issue's script that Reed had written.

* Reed said Rick Jones "is busy with the Hulk right now" and will not be in the series.

* Reed said the Mighty Avengers appear in the first issue.

* Wacker noted that Ms. Marvel will be important to the series and is on the cover of the second issue.

* Reed said Captain Marvel knows that he died flat on his back in bed, but as a soldier that doesn't sit with him and he wants to make a difference.

* Reed said to him the best time-travel stories are when you try to change things and everything "goes to hell." He said that Captain Marvel's fatalist attitude changes the aspect of that genre.

* Wacker said there was a real "nervousness" at Marvel about time-travel issues. "You're dealing with such a seminal story, a story everybody respects, you don't want to mess with it," Wacker said.

* Reed said Ms. Marvel was critical since she wasn't around when Captain Marvel died. "That is exactly the first discussion they have. She tells him, it has been all these years since you have passed. That is what has gnawed at me that I wasn't there for you," he said.

"Not having Ms. Marvel in the book will be like we were trying not to have her," Wacker said.

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