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Written by Mike Bullock, art by Silvestre Szilagyi, colors by Bob Pedroza, cover by Bret Blevins and Terry Austin.

"Checkmate," part 1 of 5. Rebels warring in Bangallan jungles, terrorist attacks in the streets of Mawitaan and an old enemy suddenly freed from prison for no logical reason. Is this a series of unrelated events or part of something far more sinister? Find out in the beginning of the biggest arc in Moonstone's Phantom run, culminating in the double-sized issue #25!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chris Yambar, art by George Broderick Jr.

Suckulina is the sexiest Torture Princess in Hell's history. Her techniques are so smoking hot that there's a sign up list of fallen souls just praying to taste a lash from her unforgiving whip. Even Satan has to take a number to get his butt paddled. But poor Suckulina has grown bored with her wicked ways and is hungry for a career change that she can really sink her teeth into. She's packed up her bags and has headed to the surface world where she has found the perfect career change, that of a common office temp worker. How long can even she last before yelling, "My job sucks!"?

40 pages, black and white, $3.50.


Written by Paul D. Storrie, Gary Phillips and others, art by Silvestre Szilagyi, Sergio Mulko and others, cover by Michael Stribling.

Welcome to Heaven vs Hell here on Earth! The war for Heaven that started a long, long time ago, where Satan was cast out...has continued unabated...right here...right now...

For 99 cents, Moonstone offers up a sneak peak at their five new titles in the world of the Twilight Crusade:

Gabriel: the ultimate angel of destruction.

Envoy: a dead hitman reluctantly taking out demons for Heaven.

Succubus: Punished for switching sides in the "Fall"; she can't control her urges.

Wolf: Caged demon who vows vengeance against Heaven.

Templar: Shock troops who prevent an apocalypse at any cost.

Details soon on how you the reader will decide how this story continues!

16 pages, 99 cents.


Written by J.C. Vaughn, art by Vincent Spencer, covers by Spencer and David Michael Beck.

It's Billy Bob Driwahl and friends versus hoards of zombies and worse -- hoards of politicians and cronies as the civilized world starts to collapse in the conclusion to the first zombie-proof mini-series.

32 pages, $3.50.

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