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Hayden Panettiere, who plays Claire Bennet on NBC's Heroes, said Season 2 represents a flip for her character.

"The first season was what happens when ordinary people discover extraordinary abilities," Panettiere said. "And this one's what happens when extraordinary people decide to be ordinary again."

Claire has struggled to hide her powers and her questions about her healing abilities so far in Season 2.

"She's become so used to it that she doesn't even think about getting hurt any more," Panettiere said, "so she probably gets hurt more often than she used to.

"But she's also on the quest to figure out exactly how her abilitiy works and what her limits are and what she can do and what she can't do...and if she can die."

At her new school, Claire has befriended West, played by Nicholas D'Agosto, who has his own secrets.

"There's always twists and turns, and there's always a catch," Panettiere said. "And there's always something that you have to hide, when we have the abilities that we do."

In other Heroes news, the Monday, Oct. 29 episode is titled "The Line."

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Titles include Simon Dark #1 from DC Comics; B.P.R.D: Killing Ground #3, Star Wars: Dark Times #5, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #21 and Blade of the Immortal #130 from Dark Horse Comics; and Dynamo 5 Vol. 1: Post-Nuclear Family TPB and Noble Causes Vol. 7: Powerless TPB from Image Comics.

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* The Borg are the subject of January's Star Trek: Alien Spotlight from IDW Publishing.


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