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Written by Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer, art by Raulo Caceres, covers by Wolfer and Caceres.

It's never a dull day, being a Magician. The mad mind of Warren Ellis is once again unleashed on combat magician William Gravel, this time on a full-color, on-going monthly series! This special #0 issue is ad-free and the story leads directly into the new series! Magic. The kind of magic that can strip the skin from a screaming man's skull, or direct the path of a shrieking bullet through a maze of city streets, striking its target between the eyes with pin-point accuracy. This is not just magic... This is Combat Magic, wielded by Sergeant Major William Gravel, Warfrom the pages of Strange Kiss and Strange Killings, now in his own, ongoing, full-color monthly series! From war-torn Afghanistan to the deceptively mundane streets of London, this special introductory chapter sets the stage for a tale so dark, twisted and disturbing that it could only have sprung from the mind of Ellis. SAS soldier Gravel has returned home, only to find that another has taken his place in the mysterious enclave of Britain's seven Occult Detectives. Worse, the seven are now in possession of the legendary Sigsand Manuscript, a supernatural device that could bestow its keepers with a most vile and terrifying power. Gravel has a new mission, one that will be filled with his own unflinching brand of horrific and bloody violence. This issue is available with a regular cover by Wolfer, a wraparound by Caceres, and a rare 1-in-15 Black Magic Edition featuring a new cover by Wolfer.

16 pages, $1.99.


Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Juan Jose Ryp.

In a new edition, the start of the Warren Ellis masked hero epic, Black Summer, is available again! With the complete #0 and #1 issues together in one book, here is your chance to get the start of the super-powered epic everyone is talking about! This unbeatable package is also available for the special price of just $2.99! The Alpha issue comes with all-new covers by series artist Juan Jose Ryp in 3 editions, the Regular, Wraparound, or a special Poster Edition that comes bagged with a 24 x 36 poster of the original cover of #0!

32 pages, $2.99 (Poster Edition, $5.99).


Written by Warren Ellis, art and covers by Juan Jose Ryp.

Warren Ellis' masked hero story hits its penultimate issue. John Horus has come home, to the place where the Seven Guns started. Which may have been the plan all along -- because, in the chaos of the conflict between the Guns and the army, it's the only place in America where he can be trapped and killed by Frank Blacksmith's new super-team of Tactical Guns. This issue is available with a regular or wraparound cover and also a rare 1-in-25 cover featuring a Tactical Guns design sketch, all by series artist Ryp.

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Warren Ellis, art by Ivan Rodriguez, covers by Rodriguez and Raulo Caceres.

Why did The Nurse come to Heavenside with The Doktor? Is he aware of her private agenda? He appears to have hired her for protection: but will she bring both the Heavenside police and the intelligence community down on him? And with Sing slowly piecing together the real reasons for his return -- would that be for the best? Warren Ellis' satirical-political science fiction novel continues its on-going run! The issue is available with a regular cover by series artist Ivan Rodriguez, or wraparound cover by Raulo Caceres, and also a rare 1-in-15 Future Warning Sign cover.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Garth Ennis, covers by Mike Wolfer.

Ennis' saga of the Old West continues in the most violent chapter yet! Red Crow, the maniacal Apache serial killer, has resurfaced, renewing his terroristic murder spree upon the defenseless settlers near Gladback, Montana. With a posse consisting of the untested and untrustworthy bodyguards of a wealthy industrialist, Colonel Joseph R. Dunn has set out to track down Red Crow and end his reign of terror. As the bloody and final confrontation between Dunn and his life-long adversary nears, the hard-as-nails Cavalryman will begin to suspect the truth of his world, and his true place in it on the eve of the Twentieth Century. This issue is available with a regular or wraparound cover by series artist Wolfer.

32 pages, $3.99.


The Doktor is here to keep you warm with this pullover hoodie. Available in L, XL, and XXL

L and XL, $29.99; XXL, $32.99.

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