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Below is Alaina Huffman's biography from Painkiller Jane.

When Canadian actress Alaina Huffman was just 13, she heard about an open casting call for a Fox Family Channel pilot. She told her parents about it, got on a bus, and headed downtown to discover hundreds of kids looking for a break. But despite the competition, Huffman was offered the lead in the pilot and soon after, landed another pilot lead.

Although acting jobs were coming in, she wasn't ready to lock into her career just yet. A model scout soon recruited Huffman in a local mall and she jetted off to work the high fashion runways of Japan and Europe for the next several years. When her father moved to Dallas though, she jumped at the chance to live in the U.S. and enroll in college, so she left the world of modeling and headed back to North America.

She wasn't in school for long before she was taking on more acting roles. A big supporter of independent film, Huffman appeared in a quick succession of roles in such indie features as the crime thriller Pendulum with Rachel Hunter, Still, Night Dawn Day, Josephine, The Couch and Indefinitely. She also appeared in the feature films Gunman with Mimi Rogers, Serving Sara with Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley, Screen Door Jesus, Standing Still and, most recently, the comedy Dog Lover's Symphony.

Huffman eventually made the move to Los Angeles, where she continued to work, adding more television credits to her resume, including guest appearances on The O.C., Tru Calling and Dawson's Creek.

When off-screen, Huffman spends most of her time with her husband and two kids. But that doesn't mean it's all down time. She returned to the world of modeling while pregnant with her children.

Huffman is an all-around athlete who enjoys skiing and swimming, as well as soccer and basketball. But that's just for fun. To stay in shape, she trains with Billy Blanks and does Tae Bo when she's in Los Angeles. Huffman exercises her artistic side by writing poetry.

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