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ARLINGTON, Texas -- "I feel we're just starting to get a good head of wind at DC Comics."

And with, that, Dan DiDio launched the DC Nation panel at Wizard World Texas on Friday, joined by Bob Wayne and seeking out interactivity with the half-filled room.

There were no announcements or visuals presented at the panel, just a question-and-answer with the audience.

Following are highlights:

* DiDio said Ethan Van Sciver has finished his art on Sinestro Corps War and said "there is a lot of great stuff coming up with Green Lantern next year."

* DiDio said coordinating Countdown with the growing Sinestro Corps War became difficult, with Kyle Raynor and Superman Prime stories eventually just having to play out at their own pace.

* DiDio said there should be editor's notes in places where they are necessary. "It's a practice we're trying to back into the habit of doing," DiDio said.

* Wayne said there will be an announcement regarding Starman on Saturday at the convention.

* DiDio said there are not currently plans for an Animal Man series.

* DiDio said the "crab mask" is "kind of funky looking," but it is an identifiable element of Kyle Raynor that separates him from other Green Lanterns.

* DiDio said that Renee as the Question has a very big role in an important story after Crime Bible, although there is no Question series planned.

* DiDio said that All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder has a "very strange sense of humor" that he likes. He said #8 is done and due in stores at the end of the month, #9 is half done and #10 is already written. "We're on a bi-monthly schedule," he said, noting that there won't be delays like DC has had in the past.

DiDio said Dick Grayson is really the star of the book and particularly shines in #8.

* DiDio said Hal Jordan will play a big role in Justice League of America next year. He also noted that because it's DC's best-selling book, it's a good venue for characters to appear and later show up in the their own stories.

* The winners from Countdown: Arena will have a role in Countdown.

* Mark Waid is going to be on The Flash for at least six more issues.

* DiDio said there are no Aquaman series plans, but he will be appearing in a team book. He said that plans for Aquaman being a regular member of the Outsiders were scrapped.

* DiDio said there will be a Booster Gold #0 that ties into Zero Hour.

* Asked about Mark Bagley, DiDio said the artist is currently under contract with Marvel Comics and he couldn't comment on him. "But ask me that question in January," DiDio said.

* Plans for a Hawkman ongoing? "There are always plans for Hawkman," DiDio said, noting the same thing pertains to Aquaman.

* DiDio said there are "a lot of plans" for Zatanna. Her involvement in the Seven Soldiers concept will be dealt with next year.

* DiDio said that story originally intended for Superman Confidential #6 will now wrap up in #11.

* Wayne said that are no plans to announce an online scheme to repackage DC Comics stories like Marvel Comics has done. "We're certainly considering various ways to bring our comics to people's attention," he added.

* Using Bart Allen's death an an example, DiDio was asked about deaths in comics losing their impact, DiDio said, "If we tell a story that doesn't make you care, we haven't done our jobs."

DiDio said that Bart Allen's story isn't done. "I'll hold off on that conversation until that story is told," he said.

* DiDio said that Supergirl will be a book with a clearer vision. "We worked really hard to get Wonder Woman back on track and now we're doing that with Supergirl," he said.

* DiDio reiterated he is not a supporter of crossovers with other publishers, preferring to focus on the strengths of DC's characters. "I like DC to be unique onto itself," he said.

* DiDio said Marc Andreyko is still writing Manhunter scripts, but "not as fast as we hoped" and thus the resumption of the series is not scheduled yet.

* April is the launch date for the Titans series. "We called it Titans Friends originally," DiDio said, noting it will have a different tone, spotlighting the close-knit of being a super-hero.

* DiDio said that there isn't a flood of writers from the Writers Guild coming to DC following the strike, noting the publisher already has a lot of writers who were working both in film and television.

* Wayne said he has been on location twice for The Dark Knight during filming.

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