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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Just two days after the finale of World War Hulk hit stands, writer Greg Pak staged a panel at Wizard World Texas on Friday.

Pak warned fans of spoilers, talking about how World War Hulk ended and providing visuals of upcoming stories.

Following are highlights:

* Pak said he came up with the title of Aftersmash. "As if it were in a dream," he said.

* Incredible Hulk #111 is the last of the World War Hulk tie-ins, in stores on Wednesday.

* World War Hulk: Aftersmash follows characters in the wreckage of New York. "A number of characters struggling to find out who the heck they are," Pak said.

* Pak showed a page that highlighted Misty Knight from the issue.

* The Warbound mini-series will last five issues, with Leonard Kirk providing art. "He's really busting it out for this series. He's taking some good risks and doing some crazy stuff," Pak said.

Pak said to look out for one of Hulk's greatest enemies and one of Bruce Banner's former loves in the series.

* Pak said The Incredible Herc will last "for a number of issues." He is writing the book with Fred Van Lente, who lives just a few blocks away from "He has a great sense of humore and he loves that tragic, heroic aspect of Herc," Pak said.

In the story, Hercules and Amadeus form a "crazy buddy" team after refusing Iron Man's amensty. "These are buddies leading each other down the wrong direction all the time," Pak said.

Why should Hulk fans follow the characters in the book? Pak said they are friends of the Hulk and their stories might tie back into the character's mythos again, and that Hercules is in many ways the original Hulk. "Also, tons of smashing," Pak said.

Pak said artist Khoi Pham can provide the big action scenes, but also can project a sense of humor and the character touches.

* Skaar, Son of Hulk will launch in March, with art by Carlo Pagulayan. "Skaar is a wild child, a savage man struggling for survival on a savage planet and he will pull no punches," Pak said. "It will be an epic struggle to find out what his role will be in this savage world."

* Pak said Planet Hulk was "an insane gift," allowing him to create an entire planet with various clashing cultures. "One of the big themes was, 'Are you a monster of are you a hero?'" Pak said.

* Pak said Rick Jones will not be in Warbound. "No, and that's all I'll say," he said.

* Pak said John Romita Jr. was the "perfect choice" for World War Hulk. "You look at the fights that he drew and you could feel the impact," Pak said, adding he loosened up his writing for the action scenes to allow Romita room to create.

* Amadeus Cho's pup has a role to play in the first arc of Incredible Herc, Pak said.

* Pak said his best one-liner in comics came from the Hulk to Black Bolt in World War Hulk #1: "I didn't come to hear to whisper, I came to hear you scream."

Pak said he couldn't say if that version of Black Bolt was a Skrull.

* Skaar's adventures will eventually have an impact on the Marvel Universe. "But we're going to have a nice chunk of time to develop this character," Pak said.

* Pak said he has another project lined up at Marvel but couldn't reveal any details. "It's the most disturbing and challenging book I've ever worked on in any medium," he said.

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