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ARLINGTON, Texas -- A new El Diablo series and the new artist of Teen Titans highlighted the DC Universe panel at Wizard World Texas on Saturday.

Panelists included Dan DiDio, Matt Sturges, Bob Wayne, Joe Benitez, Adam Kubert and Ethan Van Sciver.

Following are highlights:

* DiDio said that he is highly competitive with Marvel but won't get into any nastiness. "Whenever everybody's at the top of their game, you guys out there win," DiDio said.

* Sturges said he's still in "a dream-come-true, pinch-me" stage. He said readers will be encountering Bruce Gordon in Countdown to Mystery.

* Trying to clafify if Bart Allen was coming back, DiDio said, "Not true. Maybe!

* Kubert said he's working on concluding the Last Son story in February.

* Benitez said he just finished with Justice League of America #16 before joining the Titans series.

* DiDio said the next issue of Countdown is Mr. Mxy vs. Superman Prime.

* Final Crisis will be contained "as much as possible," DiDio said.

* DiDio said Booster Gold #0 will take place between #6 and #7.

* Green Arrow and Black Canary will have "lots of twists."

* Van Sciver said Green Lantern #25 will include a two-page "trailer" of the next Green Lantern project from the trilogy by him and Geoff Johns.

* Eddy Barrows is the regular artist of Teen Titans, beginning with #56.

* DiDio said the Super Friends series is in the flavor of Captain Planet.

* Wayne said that the Starman series by James Robinson and Tony Harris will be collected in the Omnibus format. The first will have the first 17 images and will be 448 pages.

* Jai Nitz is writing and Phil Hester is drawing a new El Diablo series.

* An issue of Blue Beetle will be all-Spanish. "His girlfriend gets lost in his neighborhood and nobody speaks English," DiDio said, adding there will be an English translation in the back.

* Wayne said sales of JLA/Hitman were "OK" and it might be collected.

* Talia will be playing a role in an upcoming Nightwing story.

* Bernard Chang will be drawing some issues of Wonder Woman.

* DiDio said that putting Superman and Batman as guest-stars in stories doesn't generate sales, but generates interest.

* DiDio said that Grant Morrison will be on Batman "through '08 and beyond."

* DiDio said readers will see more of the Secret Six.

* Adam Hughes continues to work on All Star Wonder Woman, with no immediate release dates scheduled.

* Will any of the big three become New Gods? "That's a bad idea. Never," DiDio said.

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