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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ethan Van Sciver will see more green days as an artist at DC Comics.

At his Wizard World Texas panel late Saturday afternoon, Van Sciver talked a lot about his past Green Lantern work -- and a little bit about the next event.

Following are highlights the panel:

* Van Sciver drew 11 pages for Green Lantern #25, concluding the Sinestro Corp Wars story. "First and foremost, in Green Lantern #25, you will meet some other colors of the rainbow," he said. "It will be very colorful event for Green Lantern fans."

The issue will include a two-page back-up preview of the next Green Lantern event by Geoff Johns and Van Sciver.

Van Sciver said the event will take place around Green Lantern #46-50 in the spring of 2009. "It is the absolute, ultimate Green Lantern story," he said. "It doesn't get any bigger."

He said he can't reveal the title of the event until after Green Lantern #25.

* Van Sciver is drawing Justice League of America #20, written by Dwayne McDuffie. "I got the script and it's really exciting," he said. "It reminded me of the JLU cartoon, straight ahead super-hero stuff with a lot of optimism."

The issue features Flash and Wonder Woman. "They are my favorite characters," he said, noting it's like doing an issue of each of the characters.

Van Sciver said he'd like to draw Spider-Man and Ghost Rider, but won't be working for Marvel Comics as long as Joe Quesada is there.

* Van Sciver said he wants to write for DC and talked to Dan DiDio about a story involving some of his creations.

* Van Sciver spent most of the summer doing covers, but said he'd like to stop doing them and focus on interiors. "I never thought of myself as a tremendous cover artist anyway," he said.

* Van Sciver said Final Crisis will play into the Green Lantern event. "That's DC's big event and we have to pay heed," he said.

* Van Sciver said he'd like to draw The Joker. "When I get my hands on that guy..."

* While it doesn't bother Van Sciver that the Green Lantern costumes vary, but he said, "It irritates the hell out of me they have different sybmols." He said he would like to see the Green Lantern costumes reflect a reward system.

* Van Sciver said he knows his output -- he can do his six books a year. "My family is absolutely my priority," he said.

* Prompted by DiDio, Van Sciver said his interest in Plastic Man remains. "I would love to do a Plastic Man as the mobster he started out as," he said. "He's a wacky, fun fellow. Not originally. He used to pistol whip people, he was a tough Irish gangster."

Van Sciver said he wants Plastic Man to become less annoying to the JLA and more important.

"Dan found a way to make Plastic Man the way I want," he said. "If I could do it, I would do it. But I have to do this Green Lantern thing."

* At various points of development, Van Sciver said he was approached for Identity Crisis, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 and Amazons Attack.

* Van Sciver said he works well with Johns, seeing "little jewels" in his stories.

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