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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Casting rumors for the Justice League movie continue to swirl. Saturday, Scott Porter was at Wizard World Texas when he heard word that he's been cast as Superman.

Is it true? On Sunday, The Continuum caught up with him at the convention for the latest news.

The Continuum: So what can you say about these reports about you being cast as Superman in Justice League?

Porter: I haven't been contacted. When I tested, I tested for the role of The Flash, which I lost to Adam Brody. At this point, Superman is purely rumor and speculation as far as I'm concerned, although I do want to buy a Superman shirt today and wear it to mess with people.

The Continuum: You auditioned for The Flash?

Porter: What happened with George Miller (Justice League's director), there were about 32 of us, and he just said, "We're having a test." I don't know if he had a specific role until we got there. None of us knew the specific role until we got there. The Flash was written next to my name when I was there, so that's what I was under the assumption I was auditioning for, although they did say that it was kind of a blanket test. There was one scene and everybody did the same scene, so we could have been auditioning for any role.

The Continuum: If this was true, you'd probably hear by tomorrow?

Porter: If this is true, I'd probably be in Mexico tomorrow wondering how I got here. The extent of the options, everybody had to sign a test deal, a holding contract, and they have an exclusive option on a lot of us. And they've asked to extend them, so I'm expecting the actual official announcement to come out sometime this week, but you can't really hold me to that because I'm not Warner Bros. Who knows when they're going to make the announcement?

The Continuum: Would you want to play Superman?

Porter: That's a lot of pressure. I'm 6-foot on a good day, and I'm a buck-eighty after breakfast soaking wet. So it would take some work, but who wouldn't love the opportunity? It would be a lot of pressure.

The Continuum: They made James Marsden look pretty tall in X-Men.

Porter: As Cyclops? Yeah, Hollywood has a way of even making Tom Cruise look like a giant, so I'm sure I could handle it.

The Continuum: You have not read a script or part of it?

Porter: No, no. No one's seen a script. The scenes we auditoned with were out of like drama books. They had nothing to do with the actual movie. All those things you've seen on the Internet about what the script's about, all those 14 leaked pages, I can't confirm any of it.

The Continuum: What was your impression of George Miller?

Porter: He's great. He's not your typical director. He's very conversational in the way he speaks to the actors. He went so many different directions with this one scene that he was really putting us to the test. He was the nicest, sweetest man. I ran into him at the restaurant at the hotel before we tested, and he recognized everybody before we walked into the room. He didn't need a sheet of paper to tell who everybody was. It was a pretty amazing experience. Any time you have a chance to get in a room with an Oscar-winning director who discovered Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman, that time of opportunity is something that you look for everyday.

The Continuum: What's your take on Superman?

Porter: I'm not even thinking about it right now. It's all rumor and speculation. Yesterday, I didn't even know. And a copy of Action Comics was slammed down in front of me. He's like, "Go ahead and sign it." And I'm like, "Why do you want me to sign this?" And he winks at me and he goes, "You can tell me. And I know." And I'm, "You know what?" And he goes, "You're Superman!" I'm like, "What are you talking about?

So he said to check The Internet. So I go on my little Blackberry. "This is ridiculous!"

But, really, I expect the major announcements to come out this week. And if were to be Superman, I would be speechless. I'd get right to work.

The Continuum: This is looming as an important movie. These are the heaviest hitters.

Porter: The idea of this movie actually coming to life is something nobody thought could happen. The same thing with Marvel and the Avengers movie. I'd love to see an Avengers movie with Iron Man and Captain America and Hawkeye, who I would love to play. A lot of people didn't think it could ever happen with a cast that big and that many powers and that many effects. The budget's going to be a huge.

That can't happen, can it? But if Justice League does well, you'll see the Teen Titans, you'll see the Avengers. X-Men did well, but it was very small core of lesser-known characters besides Wolverine.

The Continuum: There's a challenge with every Justice League character.

Porter: Justice League is huge. In order to do Martian Manhunter correctly, how many effects do you need to use, just solely on him? To do those big Superman fights like in the third Matrix movie, just to do that is going to be a huge effects budget.

And, then of course, you have to find actors to play these most iconic characters of all time. Who plays Wonder Woman? Who plays Superman? Who plays Batman? Can you live up to the actors who are currently doing it? It's daunting, but I'm sure we all welcome the challenge.

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