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Al Gough, executive producer of Smallville, has announced an opportunity for fans of the show to support the Writers Guild strike.

"As the strike enters its third week, we are calling on our fans to lend a hand to our effort," Gough said. "Every show with a loyal and devoted fanbase such as our own is getting together in an effort to send a million pencils to the CEOs of the six media conglomerates and let them know that the fans are behind us."

According to Gough, fans can go to, where there will be a banner or button allowing them to click through to buy boxes of pencils. The pencils are plain wooden #2's, and the company uses sustainable farming for the wood. Gough said that if there's any money left over, it will be donated to the Union Solidarity Fund, which is a nonprofit for non-WGA members affected by the strike.

When fans click to buy the pencils, they can choose to identify the show they are supporting.

Gough said the pencils will be delivered in bulk by trucks to the CEOs of the six conglomerates: Disney, News Corp., Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and GE.

"This has the potential to be a historic moment in fan history -- the first time that all fandoms band together to show that they are a force to be reckoned with to the corporate world," Gough said. "Given the passion and commitment the fans are already showing, this seems a good way to both show our appreciation and respect, as well as giving them the direction they've been requesting." \

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