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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- One of comics' longest-running teams, Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones, held center stage at Mid-Ohio-Con on Saturday.

The panel was titled Brave Groo World, and the barbarian was often the focus of discussion, but the veteran tandem also talked about their history, working relationship and upcoming work.

Following are highlights:

* Following the Groo: Heaven on Earth mini-series will be a Groo/Conan mini-series. Aragones is drawing the Groo part, with Yeates drawing the Conan parts. "It's a very strange story," Evanier said.

* Aragones and Evanier are teaming to write DC Comics' The Spirit, starting with #14 in February. Mike Ploog is drawing #14 and #15, with Paul Smith targeted for future issues.

"We'll kind of alternate Ploog and Smith with some other artists mixed in" Evanier said.

* Aragones continues to work for MAD; his current project is a MAD Look at Death.

* Who do they keep it fresh and funny? Aragones said each process is different, but he likes to find a situation as a satirist.

* The second issue of Groo: Hell on Earth was colored by Michelle Madsen, stepping in for Tom Luth. Aragones said computer coloring has allowed for greater detail.

"We were very lucky to have Stan Sakai letter the book and Tom color it," Evanier added. "Stan has his own strip, but likes lettering Groo and we're lucky to have him."

* Aragones said he's worked for MAD for more than 45 years. Evanier said they visted the MAD offices last week, and when Aragones arrives, it's like royalty.

* Aragones comes up with the plots of The Spirit and Evanier does the dialogue. Groo is much more of a mix-mash collaboration, Evanier said.

"Mark is master at oral humor, talk humor, and is very good with words and puns," Aragones said.

"There are a lot of cases when he says, 'You came up with that,' and I say, 'No, you came up with,'" Evanier said.

* Aragones said he has always been an admirer and friend of The Spirit creator Will Eisner for many years. "He was very influential to me and how I write," Aragones said. "I love the short story.

"I am not Will Eisner by far. But we are going to do our best to do the spirit of The Spirit."

* Aragones said his interaction with readers results in "a barometer for the way I write."

* Evanier, who is on strike with the Writers Guild, is writing a new Garfield series, attending a recent summit in Muncie, Ind.

* A Groo movie? An offer from DreamWorks was turned down, Aragones said. Evanier said a screenplay has been developed and is being shopped, but the pair are being very cautious to maintain control.

"I don't want to sell the rights to Groo and suddenly it becomes a duck," Aragones said.

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