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Marvel Comics on Wednesday staged its third The State of the Initiative press conference with writer Dan Slott.

Following are live highlights:

* Slott said there aren't teams in all 50 states yet, with the first graduation coming up in Avengers: The Initiative.

"We're seeing lots of big-name heroes and B-list and C-list and D-list and new heroes going through this boot camp," Slott said.

* Avengers: The Initiative #9 will be in stores on Dec. 19.

* Slott said Hank Pym is "most on the fence and pulled the most directions" by the Initiative. "He's had to face his worst fears and prove himself," he said.

* Jim Rhodes begins to realize in #7 that perhaps his role isn't what he though it was going to be, Slott said, noting that readers have not seen War Machine's face plate lifted yet.

* Justice goes rogue in Avengers: The Initiative #7. "He's on the case trying to figure out the secrets of MVP," Slott said.

* Rage is on the cover to Avengers: The Initiative #10, "Confirmed Kills," part of the "Killed in Action" story.

* "It could be perceived as Skrully," Slott said of all the new faces in the book. In Initiative #8, readers will learn the existence of one new Skrull on the base -- but maybe not in the way you think. A big Skrull reveal will happen in the Annual.

* Slott said The Initiative was "pretty gosh darn lousy" in World War Hulk. "Conversely, they were great, they evacuated Manhattan in 24 hours," he said.

* Slott said contrary to what Brian Michael Bendis said, he and Christos Gage are going to hide Skrulls.

A hint? "If you see a character eating a kitten, they're probably a Skrull," he said.

* Slott said Triathlon will survive "Killed in Action" and he will graduated into the new 3-D Man, who was the Skrull hunter from the 1950s.

* In #8, Slott said Yellowjacket will make "one of the worst decisions in his super-hero life" that will have "horrible repercussions" that lead into "Killed in Action."

* Slott said there will be multiple Skrull reveals in The Initiative. "They will come from all kinds of angles," he said.

* Slott said The Initiative reaches into every single corner of the Marvel Universe, moreso that any Marvel title. "That means you've to to play fair with everyone, all the other writers," he said, nothing that he has to be aware of everything that's going on in the Marvul Universe.

* Slott said the four-part "Killed in Action" will "thin the herd" and that "no one is safe," not even longstanding heroes. "Right now everyone has a target on their head," he said.

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