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Following is a rundown of Transfuzion Publishing titles:


Story by Gary Reed, art by Andy Bennett, cover by Vince Locke.

Based loosely on the play from August Strindberg. A young man, born with a rare ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of others, is plunged into a family of despair and secrets from years gone past. He becomes an unwillingly participant and joins the legacy of torment in the poisonous lies and deceit that have invaded the house. A saga of lost opportunities and vengeful hate.

112 pages, $14.99.


Story and text by Gary Reed, art and cover by Mark Bloodworth.

An illustrated primer to the most infamous serial killer in history! The shocking murder of five prostitutes in Victorian London ripped apart the society of the civilized world and led to incredible social changes. In this narrative of sequential comic pages, facsimiles of letters and notes, and pictures from the time period, a survey of the social setting, the victims, the investigators, and the possible suspects are explored.

54 pages, black and white, $8.99.


Story by Gary Reed, art by Jim Calafiore, Laurence Campbell, Guy Davis, Michael Gaydos, Michael Lark, Vince Lock, David Mack, Mike Perkins, R. G. Taylor, Patrick Zircher and others.

A collection of short stories and selected scenes from the diverse and insightful writings of Gary Reed. Covering a wide array of genres, the stories are illustrated by some of today's top artists, including Guy Davis, Michael Lark, Galen Showman, Mike Perkins, Patrick Zircher, R.G. Taylor, Jim Calafiore, Michael Gaydos, Mark Bloodworth, Vince Locke, Laurence Campbell, and many others. Each selection has a preface where Reed discusses the work and the artist. Tabbed "blistering good" by Rue Morgue Magazine, this collection also includes pages from the never published project, The Beatles.

320 pages, black and white, $24.99.


Story by Gary Reed, art by Andy Bennett, Tom Bionodillo, Guy Davis, Vince Locke, James Lyle.

A new collection of Saint Germaine that compiles issues 5-8 and the one shots of "Casanova's Lament" and "Man in the Iron Mask." Saint Germaine is a man who lives forever, feeding off the memories of those that are about to die. In these stories, Germaine reminisces about his old friend, Casanova; searches for the answer of who was in the Iron Mask; deals with a friend living in the past of the Sioux Ghost Dance; and delves into the origins of the being known as Kilroy. Written by Gary Reed, artists include: Vince Locke, Andy Bennett, James E. Lyle, Tom Bionodillo, and Guy Davis.

178 pages, black and white, $19.99.

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