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By Chad Lambert, Ignacia Calero and Jake Bilbao.

The "stories within the story" of the ground-breaking video games from Majestic continue with three blood-spattering prime cuts! This issue features a suicide bomber with a soul, the hunt for Kagan's trans-dimensional nunchucks, and an evil so sinister it could only thrive in corporate America! Available with covers from Jake Bilbao or Michael DiPascale.

32 pages, $3.99.

DARK 48 #2

By Steven O'Connell, Daniel Indro and Joel Seguin.

Always expect the unexpected! Anthem lives by that motto, especially since they seemed to have found a male unaffected by the virus, which means there could be a cure. To get him out of there, Battle Corp Delta will have to run a gauntlet through the darkened hallways, always watching their backs for the crazies. The hospital with all its shadows resembles a haunted house. Theyíve been trained well but some scenarios like this one couldnít have been imagined. One thing is certain, some of them will survive to fight another day, and one of them will die!

32 pages, $3.99.

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