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By Mark Waid and Greg Scott, covers by Bill Sienkiewicz and Tim Sale.

For more than 30 years, audiences have been captivated by The Godfather in prose and film. Now, the first time in the comics medium, BOOM! Studios presents new tales of the Corleone family, in an ongoing series of story arcs written and drawn by some of the brightest talents in graphic literature! The Godfather Chronicles #1 begins a five-part tale chronicling the untold battle between Don Vito Corleone and Al Capone for control of New York's underworld.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Steve Niles, Michael Alan Nelson and various.

Cthulhu has called and Steve Niles has answered! Niles and Michael Alan Nelson (Fall Of Cthulhu) kick off the new monthly series readers demanded, based on the anthology. Yes, Cthulhu Tales is back, but this time it's monthly! More great Cthulhu stories from more great writers and artist that you know and love.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Michael Alan Nelson.

The beginning of a brand new story arc and a great place for new readers to jump in. A teenage girl mysteriously appears in the Arkham jail with prophecies of doom. Arkham's Sheriff must decide if she's crazy or a harbinger of the evil that pervades the town.

24 pages, $3.99.


By John Rozum and Chee.

Nostradamus predicted the rise of Napoleon, the rise of Hitler, the Apollo landing and 9/11. Now, in the present, his Foundation works to save mankind from the greatest threats he predicted still to come. But who decides which events are worth preventing, and which events need to occur to continue the path of history? Who decides who gets saved, and who dies?

24 pages, $3.99.


By David DiGilio and Alex Cal.

In the future, global warming has decimated the world's climate and triggered a new Ice Age. Into this dark future, a hero is born on the glacier above what was once Los Angeles! The epic saga continues!

24 pages, $3.99.


By James L. White, Dalibor Talajic and Sebastian Cardoso.

Stockbroker Lincoln "Linc" Greer, a divorced dad, is looking forward to a hot date at a remote cabin, but his date cancels and he gets stuck with his son instead. While hunting, his son is kidnapped and a voice at the other end of his cell phone tells Linc to do what he asks if he ever wants to see his son alive again! Linc soon finds that he's the only African-American man in this small, mostly white, logging community. Isolated and alone, Linc has to face a contentious community and save his son!

128 pages, $14.99.


By J.M. DeMatteis, Glenn Barr and Jon J. Muth.

Angels and aliens, faeries and demons, alternate realities and multiple personalities. Once Lucas Hart would have laughed at these things; but when this cynical, burned-out screenwriter's repressed memories of the past invade his present, Hart's vision of reality is completely shattered. As a child, seeking escape from horrible abuse, Hart would leave his body and astrally travel with otherworldly beings who filled his wounded soul with light. Now, having recovered these memories, he's on a quest to find the Magician whose legacy of mystery and hope might move the human race to the next level.

128 pages, $14.99.


By J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog.

From the Eisner-award winning writer of Justice League and Spider-Man, and the artist of Werewolf By Night and Man-Thing comes the long-awaited collection of their fan-favorite follow-up to Abadazad! Last night, when Cody DiMarco went to bed, life was the same as it's always been. This morning, when he woke up, the world he knew was gone, victim to a magic older than time. Now four children, in order to restore their families and our planet, must solve the mystery of...The Stardust Kid! This edition collects the entire hard-to-find mini-series!

144 pages, $29.99.


By Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton and Rahsan Ekedal.

The Witch Hunters come to the fore in this five issue mini-series from the same team behind Warhammer: Forge Of War. Tireless foes of Chaos in the Warhammer universe, Witch Hunters roam the Empire seeking to stop the spread of dark magic and witchery of all kinds. When Witch Hunter Magnus Gault hears that the nearby village of Loughville has fallen prey to the canker of Chaos, he is driven to investigate. Once there, he finds the buildings rancid and rotted and the villagers wretched and mutated, eager to prey upon any lost soul who should come their way. Can one man stand against this monstrous regiment?

24 pages, $3.99.


By Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton and Daniel Lapham.

The dreaded Orks, monstrous green skinned goliaths of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, take center stage in this collection of the four issue mini-series! The Orks are the most warlike race in the blood-soaked galaxy of the 41st millennium cruel, crude, and brutally barbaric! Their unflinching passion for violence is so unquenchable, Ork clans spend as much time warring with each other as they do their enemies! Yet, once in a generation, a leader will emerge, mighty enough to lay waste to his rivals and unite the clans, unleashing armies millions strong upon humankind! Destiny beckons, and it is from the ranks of the Blood Axe clan that the call will be answered! This collection includes Warhammer 40,000 comics previously released as special edition promotional comics Death from Above, The Visitors and Mettle. Available in softcover and limited hardcover editions.

128 pages, $16.99 (Limited edition hardcover, $49.99).

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