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Schedules subject to change by network


All episodes at 11 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 2: "Task Force X"

Sunday, Feb. 3: "The Balance"

Monday, Feb. 4: "Double Date"

Tuesday, Feb. 5: "Clash"

Wednesday, Feb. 6: "Hunter's Moon."

Thursday, Feb. 7: "Question Authority."

Friday, Feb. 8: "Flashpoint."

Saturday, Feb. 9: "Panic in the Sky."

Sunday, Feb. 10: "Divided We Fall."

Monday, Feb. 11: "Epilogue."

Tuesday, Feb. 12: "I Am Legion."

Wednesday, Feb. 13: "Shadow of the Hawk."

Thursday, Feb. 14: "At Earth's Core."

Friday, Feb. 15: "To Another Shore."

Saturday, Feb. 16: "Flash and Substance."

Sunday, Feb. 17: "Dead Reckoning."

Monday, Feb. 18: "Patriot Act."

Tuesday, Feb. 19: "The Great Brain Robbery."

Wednesday, Feb. 20: "Grudge Match."

Thursday, Feb. 21: "Far From Home."

Friday, Feb. 22: "Ancient History."

Saturday, Feb. 23: "Alive."

Sunday, Feb. 24: "Destroyer."

Monday, Feb. 25: "Initiation"

Tuesday, Feb. 26: "For the Man Who Has Everything."

Wednesday, Feb. 27: "Hawk and Dove."

Thursday, Feb. 28: "Fearful Symmetry."

Friday, Feb. 29: "Kids Stuff."


All episodes at 11:30 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 2: "The Big Heat."

Sunday, Feb. 3: "Q&A."

Monday, Feb. 4: "The Big Dummy."

Tuesday, Feb. 5: "Topsy Turvy."

Wednesday, Feb. 6: "Bird of Prey."

Thursday, Feb. 7: "The Rubberface of Comedy."

Friday, Feb. 8: "The Clayface of Tragedy."

Saturday, Feb. 9: "The Cat, The Bat and The Ugly."

Sunday, Feb. 10: "Riddled."

Monday, Feb. 11: "JTV."

Tuesday, Feb. 12: "Swamped."

Wednesday, Feb. 13: "Pets."

Thursday, Feb. 14: "Meltdown."

Friday, Feb. 15: "The Butler Did It."

Saturday, Feb. 16: "Fire & Ice."

Sunday, Feb. 17: "Ragdolls to Riches."

Monday, Feb. 18: "Strange Minds."

Tuesday, Feb. 19: "Grundy's Night."

Wednesday, Feb. 20: "Bat in the Belfry."

Thursday, Feb. 21: "Traction."

Friday, Feb. 22: "Call of the Cobblepot."

Saturday, Feb. 23: "The Man Who Would Be Bat."

Sunday, Feb. 24: "The Big Chill."

Monday, Feb. 25: "The Cat and The Bat."

Tuesday, Feb. 26: "The Big Heat."

Wednesday, Feb. 27: "Q&A."

Thursday, Feb. 28: "The Big Dummy."

Friday, Feb. 29: "Topsy Turvy."


All episodes at midnight

Saturday, Feb. 2: "The Fearians."

Sunday, Feb. 3: "The World's Deadliest Game."

Monday, Feb. 4: "The Time Trap."

Tuesday, Feb. 5: "Trial of the Super Friends."

Wednesday, Feb. 6: "The Monolith of Evil."

Thursday, Feb. 7: "Secret Origins of the Super Friends."

Friday, Feb. 8: "The Giants of Doom."

Saturday, Feb. 9: "Revenge of Gorilla City."

Sunday, Feb. 10: "Swamp of the Living Dead."

Monday, Feb. 11: "Conquers of the Future."

Tuesday, Feb. 12: "The Final Challenge."

Wednesday, Feb. 13: "Fairy Tales of Doom."

Thursday, Feb. 14: "Doomsday."

Friday, Feb. 15: "Super Friends: Rest in Peace."

Saturday, Feb. 16: "History of Doom."

Sunday, Feb. 17: "Rub Three Times for Disaster."

Monday, Feb. 18: "Lex Luthor Strikes Back."

Tuesday, Feb. 19: "Space Knights of Camelon."

Wednesday, Feb. 20: "The Lord of the Middle Earth."

Thursday, Feb. 21: "Universe of Evil."

Friday, Feb. 22: "Terror at 20,000 Fathoms."

Saturday, Feb. 23: "Super Friends Meet Frankenstein."

Sunday, Feb. 24: "The Planet of Oz."

Monday, Feb. 25: "Case of Dreadful Dolls" and "Royal Ruse."

Tuesday, Feb. 26: "Village of Lost Souls" and "The Curator.

Wednesday, Feb. 27: "The Seeds of Doom."

Thursday, Feb. 28: "Ghost Ship" and "Bizarro Super Powers Team."

Friday, Feb. 29: "The Darkest Deception."

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