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Marvel Comics on Thursday staged a press conference centered around its new X-Force title.

Scheduled to attend were writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost and editors John Barber and Axel Alonso.

Below are live highlights:

* Kyle could not make the call, and Alonso appeared midway through the call.

* Yost said said he was excited about the title because Clayton Crain's art is "just stunning."

* Yost talked about X-23's roots, through the X-Men: Evolution animated series to the comics to NYX, two mini-series and New X-Men.

* Barber said a second event following X-Men: Messiah CompleX becomes so important that Cyclops must band together X-Force. He said the team will be Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and "sort of" Wolfsbane.

* Yost said that X-Force will deal with the Purifiers on "a very final basis."

* Barber said he got a phone call from Rob Liefeld, who approves of the book after seeing preview pages.

* Yost said times have changed for the X-Men. "Cyclops has come to a different place after Messiah CompleX," he said. "He's not missing around."

Yost said that under Cyclops' watch, 45 mutant children have died. Cyclops' X-Force is meant to take out the threats before the threats come to them.

* Regarding the use of deadly force, Yost said the team isn't taking out innocents, noting how deadly the threat of the Purifiers, who have stolen something from S.H.I.E.L.D. "The end game is them taking out every mutant," Yost said.

* Who's team is it -- Wolverine's or Cyclops'? Yost said that will be dealt with in the first issue, and Wolverine will find out that Cyclops has definitely changed.

* Yost said Warpath will comment in #3 on how this is not your father's X-Force. Yost said that it's a pro-active book, though, much like the original X-Force.

* Yost said that Wolverine won't be a great leader, as seen in the first arc. "Most of his teammates annoy him," Yost said.

* Yost said that while Xavier has done "some pretty shady stuff," he wouldn't approve of X-Force's methods.

* Yost said that the Purifiers are "the single most extreme humans on the planet," who have resorted to killing children to achieve their goals of wiping out all mutants.

* Yost said that the other X-Men don't know X-Force has reformed or their orders from Cyclops.

* Alonso said that Messiah CompleX took the X-Men from a place of "no hope" to a place "with some hope" with Cable taking the child into the future. Alonso said that Cyclops has a sense of urgency that overttakes moral ambiguities.

* Cyclops tells Wolverine, "This is going to happen whether you're in or you out," Yost said.

* Alonso said that the secrecy of X-Force will "percolate."

* Alonso said that the creators are digging deep into the history of the X-Men. "We're looking to recessitate and in somes cases resurrect characters," he said.

* Yost said that Wolverine will agree with everything Cyclops is saying but hates that Cyclops is saying it. "Cyclops is becoming the Alpha male of the X-Men," Yost said.

* Regarding Cyclops going to "the dark side," Yost said that, espeically with the limited number of mutants left, Cyclops has to do something to save his people.

* Yost said that with X-Force being a mission-based group, it leaves many openings in the timeline for Wolverine to appear elsewhere. He said six issues of X-Force could take two or three days.

"These X-Force missions are surgical strikes," Alonso said, noting that Logan will have a different dynamic than people might expect.

* Why is Wolfsbane on the team? "Her motivations are more complex than everybody and so is her relationship with Wolverine," Barber said.

Yost said that Wolfsbane being part of X-Force is a key element in the first arc.

* Alonso said that it didn't take much prodding for editor-in-chief Joe Quesada to approve a book where X-Men kill. "It's war," Alonso said, adding that "Scott Summers is no Magneto."

* Barber said Crain will be on X-Force for the forseeable future. Alonso added that an X-Force special with another artist is already being prepared.

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