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By Hopeless, Mellon and Herrera.

Shelby Cooper lives just outside a world of spandex politicians and electric cars, but to hell with them and their world. She's a hot chick with a hotrod. She drives fast, talks trash and hurts people with a big-ass wrench. What does any of that have to do with super powers? On a mission to find her brother and in search of the destiny she never knew she had, Shelby's life is about to get interesting. Like her father before her, Shelby is GearHead!

100 pages, $14.95.


By Andrew Kreisberg and Matthew JLD Rice.

In 1901, 21-year-old college student Helen Keller, with the aid of a fantastical device invented by her friend and mentor, Alexander Graham Bell, regains her sight and hearing as well as near super-human strength and agility. Helen is enlisted by the Secret Service to protect President William McKinley who has been targeted for assassination by Anarchists. As a deeper conspiracy to destroy America unfolds around her, Helen discovers that her new abilities come with a dark and terrifying price!

28 pages, $2.99.


By O'Reilly, Niklovitch and Hilinski.

The epic journey of the gothic demon hunter concludes in Kade: Shivaís Sun. The relationship between the Fallen and Kali is revealed to Kade and the demon hunter will never be the same! Alex Niklovitch provides his unique writing insights defining the historical world that Kade is traveling.

32 pages, $3.95.


By Sean O'Reilly and Pedro Del Gado.

An all-ages title from Arcana Kids! Tanu is a sasquatch lost in the Canadian wilderness who must face the Fearsome Creatures in order to find the clues that will lead him to his mother. Using his agility, speed, jumping ability and a mean snow-ball throwing arm, the young Sasquatch must find his way back home facing the most fearsome mythological creatures ever whispered about in the wild wilderness.

24 pages, 99 cents.

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