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Written by Max Landis, art by Kevin Gentilcore, covers by Azim, Matt Frank and Gentilcore.

Inspired by the classic tale by Jules Verne this story goes back to the land that he created. Mysterious Island has risen again, this time in 2008 and the infamous Captian Nemo is back to command a new set of monsters.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Nic Carcieri, pencils and cover by Rantz.

Since before recorded time, a war has been fought between Heaven and Hell. After millennia of stalemate after stalemate, a truce was called. Today, after centuries of peace, a renegade demon named Rascallion has uncovered a long-forgotten portal to the human world located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and decides the time is right to make his move and conquer our world in the name of his father, the Dark Lord, Satan himself.

There is an elite team of angel warriors called the Ninth Order. They are the very best of Heaven's grand army. Since its inception, the team has always consisted of four angels. No more, no less. If one member should fall another rises to take its place. Rascallion's actions have necessitated the resurrection of the team. The team consists of four beautiful but deadly female angels. Each has their own area of combat expertise. They are watched over by an ancient angel named Bobbin, who is considered the greatest warrior in the history of the Heaven's Army. Now the team, Lenya, Ki-nora, Rica and BJ, must stop Rascallion and his horde of demons, including the small-but-psychotic Hugo and the silent killing machine called Blast Furnace, from taking over our world and reigniting the fires of war between Heaven and Hell.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Dan Rafter, pencils by Thiago Silva, covers by Silva and Rantz.

Karen Chugg is suddenly the most popular student in school. But she can't shake the sneaking suspicion that her newfound popularity has more to do with her three new friends -- each of whom happens to be a super-powered robot -- than it does with her gluten-free cookies, big heart and winning smile. Then there's the matter of the rogue teachers, chemical-fueled beasts, hooded assassins and clueless president, all of whom would like to tear Karen's new robot pals apart. And if that's not enough for a high school junior to worry about, there's also the new boy in school, who just happens to be the only robot bigger, meaner and deadlier than Karen's new friends.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ryan Burton, art and covers by Alan Brooks.

The intergalactic series comes to a supernova bang on the steps of Washington D.C.! An epic battle between good and evil will determine the fate of not one, but two worlds! Prophecies are fulfilled, heroes are born, and the science of both worlds will be put to the test as the saucers continue their attack!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by J.S. Earl and David A. Flanary, Jr., art by Andres Guinaldo, covers by Joel Robinson and Mario Gully.

How precious is your freedom? Would you fight for it? Would you dare to die for it? Set amidst the American Revolution, this series follows the saga of a mysterious, masked runaway slave whose destiny is helplessly entwined with that of a famous, yet frail, Benjamin Franklin. Inspired by true characters and events.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Darren G. Davis, art by Jeff Cruz and Ray Anthony Heights, covers by Cruz, Heights and Cindy Margolis.

The Muse is dead! Long live the Muse! Or so say the headlines. But like any good reporter sometimes the best news is the news you make happen. For years, the 10th Muse has fought a variety of evil in the name of justice, but she has never battled the media! If the future is written, the Muse is a dead woman and there is nothing the gods can do about it. In the bigger-than-life series finale, Emma Sonnet encounters her final destiny...but will it mean her death? This is a giant-sized 44-page rollercoaster ride that will keep fans on the edge of their seat until the very last page!

44 pages, $5.95.

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