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LOS ANGELES -- Lou Ferrigno, star of television's Incredible Hulk series, was the subject of a panel on Saturday at Wizard World Los Angeles.

Wearing a Hulk T-shirt, Ferrigno participated in a question-and-answer session interspersed with a series of clips from the show. Following are highlights:

* A clip from Trial of the Incredible Hulk was shown, with Bill Bixby transforming into Ferrigno's character.

"The make-up took 3-31/2 hours to get on," Ferrigno said, noting he had to be on the set at 3-4 a.m. "It took a tremendous amount of patience."

Ferrigno said he has a huge memorabilia collection, including his prosthetics.

* Ferrigno talked about The Incredible Hulk movie, in which he has a small role.

"You won't be disappointed with this. It's more like The Hulk television series," he said. "The Hulk will be nine-feet tall instead of 40 feet."

He described his part as "a surprise."

"It's a cute scene. You'll like it," he said.

* Ferrigno said star Edward Norton is very into the role.

"The Hulk fights the Abomination, who's trying to destroy New York City," he said. "You're going to see a real super-hero fightiging against the villain."

* Ferrigno said he isn't a big fan of CGI, but he thinks the new film will be a breakthrough for the character. He said practical effects are more believable.

* Ferrigno said people share their inner anger with the Hulk, a key to the popularity of the character.

* Ferrigno said he was never injured during any of the fights.

* Ferrigno said he enjoyed his seven-year run on CBS' King of Queens. "They're hilarious people," he said.

* Ferrigno said Bixby was a father figure and mentor to him. He said they had a connection that was important to the success of the series.

"That's why I'm excited about the new movie," he said. "Edward Norton has the same type of personality."

* Ferrigno's cameo from Ang Lee's Hulk was shown. Ferrigno noted he had shot another scene that was cut out.

Ferrigno said he thought the problem with film was the Hulk wasn't sympathetic. "We didn't know how the Hulk was," he said.

"I liked the movie, but it was too much like watching King Kong," he said. "I missed the sensitivity and his connection with people."

* Ferrigno said his role in the new movie "really blends in with the film."

* Ferrigno said he filmed his role last July. "We shot the scene 10-12 times with Ed Norton and he did it different every time," he said.

Ferrigno said he and Norton were both intimidated with each other, Ferrigno being a fan of Norton and Norton being a fan of the TV show.

Ferrigno said he loved the new trailer. "Especially when he fights the Abomination," he said.

* Ferrigno said he hopes The Incredible Hulk is successful and spins into the Avengers franchise.

* Ferrigno said he still trains 5-6 days a week, noting his two sons try to outdo him in the gym.

* Ferrigno said he would like to do a sit-com because he enjoys the pace and filming in front of a studio audience.

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