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By Scott Sanders and Camilla d'Errico.

Now that Burn's world has collapsed, he finds himself a walking machine, a living genetic abomination. Burn's reality exists now only in his mind, imprisoned in his own subconscious, struggling to find answers. The mechanical monster, Shoftiel, controls the body like a puppet master, marching the boy across the desert towards a new city. Burn walks the path of destruction trying desperately to stop the sentient Shoftiel from killing any more people, but can he succeed? Can a mere child, a boy, find the strength to overcome a machine programmed to hate and kill all humans?

24 pages, black and white, $2.99.


By Andy Mangels, Ryan Foley and Fabio Laguna.

Travel to a time of Sword and Sorcery; a time of Dragons and Damsels in distress! Follow Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne as they return from an astonishing adventure in the Free Realms only to be attacked by the great dragon, Singe, and his evil minions. Singe vows revenge against Dirk for killing his offspring, and Daphne is soon caught in the dread dragon's claws. Now, armed with his courage and skill, Dirk must brave the Dark Kingdom and all its evils in order to save the Princess from Singe! Collected for the first time with never-before-seen art and sketches from the Don Bluth, taken from the Dragon's Lair video game!

164 pages, $19.95.


By Andrew Kreisberg and Matthew JLD Rice.

Having failed to prevent the assassination of President McKinley, Helen Keller has been forced out of the Secret Service. Determined to redeem herself, she sets out to bring the architects of the conspiracy to justice. But as Helen closes in on her enemies, the dark forces unleashed by the Omnicle close in on her!

24 pages, black and white, $2.99.


By Sean O'Reilly and Pedro Del Gado.

Tanu is a sasquatch lost in the Canadian wilderness who must face the Fearsome Creatures in order to find the clues that will lead him to his mother. Tanu has recently partnered up with a splintercat and together they must save Tanu's mother from the hunters. An all-ages book from Arcana Kids!

32 pages, $1.99.

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