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FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008


First Looks -- and much more!


Lionsgate has provided The Continuum two early publicity stills from The Spirit.

The images show Samuel L. Jackson as The Octopus and Scarlet Johansson as Silken Floss.

Here's how Lionsgate describes the film:

"Adapted from the legendary comic strip, The Spirit is a classic action-adventure-romance told by genre-twister Frank Miller. It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-enemy, the Octopus (Jackson) has a different mission: hešs going to wipe out Spirit's beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality. The Spirit tracks this cold-hearted killer from Central Cityšs rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront ... all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader. Surrounding him at every turn are Ellen Dolan (Sarah Paulson), the whip-smart girl-next-door; Silken Floss (Johansson), a punk secretary and frigid vixen; Plaster of Paris (Paz Vega), a murderous French nightclub dancer; Lorelei (Jaime King), a phantom siren; and Morgenstern(Stana Katic), a sexy young cop.

"Then of course, therešs Sand Saref (Eva Mendes), the jewel thief with dangerous curves. Shešs the love of his life turned bad. Will he save her or will she kill him?"

The Spirit opens on Jan. 16.

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For covers and six- to 10-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on April 16, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Avengers Classic #11, Avengers: The Initiative #11, Captain America #27, Annihilation: Conquest #6, Ghost Rider #22, Incredible Hercules #116, Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #5, Iron Man #28, Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #1, Marvel Adventures The Avengers #23, War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #2, Powers Annual #1, World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound #5, Wolverine: Origins #24, X-Factor #30 and X-Men: Divided We Stand #1. - More Product. More Exclusives.


For covers and four- to five-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on April 16, CLICK HERE.

Titles include '76 #3, Stupid Comics: Phoenix Edition OGN, Noble Causes #32, Nixon's Pals OGN, Wonderlost Book Two and The Sword #7.

Hulk 2


Kids' WB! has released two more images of Rhino from this Saturday's new episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The episode, "Invisible Hand," will air at 10 a.m., following a repeat of the Electro episode, "Interactions," at 9:30 a.m.

"Invisible Hand" is the second of three episodes in the first season written by Matt Wayne.

"I got to write the Lizard episode, now the Rhino. Not bad, as dream gigs go," Wayne told The Continuum.

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In other Spider-Man news:

* Saturday's episode completes the second DVD-oriented arc of the series. The next arc will include Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

* Silver Sable will be a part of the second set of 13 episodes.

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Kabillion, the multi-platform kids' entertainment service, has teamed up with Sony Entertainment to rebroadcast the CGI-animated Spider-Man, The New Animated Series that originally aired on MTV in 2003.

The series, which starred Neil Patrick Harris, will debut May 1 on both Kabillion On-Demand (on Comcast and Bresnan Cable systems nationwide) and Kabillion's broadband site,

The program is Kabillion's first new series launch of 2008.

"We are continuing to bring great new programming and content to our ever-growing audience," said Bill Schultz, CEO of Kabillion. "We will also create a host of other multi platform opportunities around this exciting show, giving both the fans and the marketing partners who want to reach them a place to congregate. In addition, we will also be helping to promote the all-new Spider-Man series on the CW network's Kids' WB broadcast platform."

Here's how Kabillion describes the series, which was produced Mainframe Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television:

"College student Peter Parker battles with a variety of super-villains as Spider-Man, while trying to find a way to balance his personal life, including his girlfriend Mary Jane (Lisa Loeb), his part-time job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, and his editor (Keith Carradine) who is convinced Spider-Man is a criminal that must be brought to justice. Ian Ziering also stars as Peter's best friend and secret nemesis Harry Osborn."

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For previously posted June solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

* Antarctic Press.

* Ape Entertainment.

* Arcana Studio.

* Archie Comics.

* Aspen Comics.

* Avatar Press.

* Big City Comics .

* Bongo Comics.

* Boom! Studios.

* Dabel Brothers Productions.

* Dark Horse Comics.

* DC Comics.

* Devil's Due Publishing.

* Digital Webbing.

* Desperado Publishing.

* Dynamite Entertainment.

* IDW Publishing.

* Image Comics.

* Marvel Comics.

* Moonstone Books.

* Oni Press.

* Radical Publishing.

* Red 5 Comics.

* Top Cow Productions.

* Viper Comics.

* Zenescope Entertainment.

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* Top Cow Productions has announced a second printing for Witchblade #116, which launched the run of writer Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic at least through #150.

The second printing will feature a pencils-only cover by Sejic and is scheduled to be in stores on April 30.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Marvel Comics has released an image from Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1. The three-issue mini-series -- by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Barry Ktson with covers by Alan Davis -- launches on May 14.

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