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Following are new episodes of The Simpsons scheduled to air in May on Fox:

"Any Given Sundance" on May 4

Film director Jim Jarmusch guest-voices as himself. Lisa creates a documentary about the Simpson family for a school project, and is over the moon when it's accepted in the Sundance Film Festival. But at the premiere, Homer, Marge and Bart are embarrassed by the candid, behind-the-scenes look at their lives.

"Mona Leaves-a" on May 11

Glenn Close guest-voices as Mona, Homer's mother, and Lance Armstrong as himself. When Homeršs mother Mona unexpectedly passes away, Homer is filled with guilt for not telling her how much he loved her before she died. To make it up to her, Homer decides to fulfill her final wishes by throwing her ashes over Lake Wastershare at Springfield Monument Park.

"All About Lisa" on May 18

Drew Carey guest-voices as himself. As Krusty's new assistant, Lisa soon steals the spotlight and gets her own television show, leaving Krusty behind. But when she's honored as Entertainer of the Year at the Springfield Media Awards, she realizes that the she may not be cut out for showbiz after all. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer spend some time bonding through their newfound love of coin-collecting.

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