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THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008



By Jacob Mars, Jeffrey Kaufman and Billy Dallas-Patton.

"Fire and Claws." A major dragon battle takes place as Talon must choose between his destiny and the lives of his companion. Then, learn more about the Dragon Cross and what it means to Talon.

32 pages, $3.25.


By Jeffrey Kaufman and Mario Gully.

Tempest, Totem, Wylde, Wolf, and Native lead by Coldburn take on Charlie Echo and his team Ant, Caliente, Savage, Century and Stone as they storm the White House. A new asset is put into to play when Fortune makes herself known. Also, how can an 8 year-old can take them all down?

32 pages, $3.25.


By Jeffrey Kaufman and Tommy Castillo.

Evil runs rampant as Tempest comes closer to accepting his destiny. How he becomes Ruler of the Vampires while holding down his job as a criminal prosecutor will come to the fore, and blood will flow!

32 pages, $3.25.


By Jeffrey Kaufman and Mark Sparacio.

Totem has to deal with his new girlfriend and the responsibilities in his life. The Angel Michael lets him know how close his motherís soul is to falling into Hell. With a scholarship to play football on the table, will Ian take the bait or keep fighting?

32 pages, $3.25.

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