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TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2008



By William Messner-Loebs and Andrew Ritchie.

In last month's Cthulhu Tales #5, Mark Waid seeded clues and hints to the scope of Boom!'s new "horrorverse." Now that the Necronomicon has been opened, writer William Messner-Loebs brings you the next chapter as he reveals the origins of the forbidden book of legend -- and how its catastrophic influence will soon spread over the Boom! line of titles! Cover by J.K. Woodward.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Andrew Cosby and Marcelo Mueller.

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Now, imagine you're on a -- I didn't say breathe! -- on a sunken submarine at the bottom of the ocean, teetering on enough methane ice to blow the world in half if you make the slightest wrong move. And five world governments are sending underwater commandoes your way right this second!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Gary Phillips and Sergio Carrera.

Award-winning mystery novelist Gary Phillips came to BOOM! with the best idea they'd heard yet. The Sopranos was about the soap opera of upper-class mob life. What do you get, Gary asked, when you transplant that tension to the African-American gangs of inner-city L.A.? Answer -- you get the story of CQ, a young man who thought the mob was his family, until it turned on him, forcing him to fight against California's crime families to stay alive! A potent mix of American Gangster and The Wire for fans of Brubaker's Criminal!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Johanna Stokes and Leno Jefferson.

The ultimate locked-room murder has been committed. Someone's been killed aboard the international space-station two hundred and twenty miles above the Earth. All six astronauts suspect one another, and paranoia runs high as more victims fall while trying to expose the killer. If he's not brought to justice -- he can bring about the end of the world!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Brendan Hay and Nate Watson.

Boom!'s first horror-romance continues! Wrighty, the Shambling Terror of Rumson, continues to try to win the heart of high-schooler Molly by smiting her enemies. Oh, if only Wrighty's idea of "exacting justice" didn't involve hot tar...

24 pages, $3.99.


By William Messner-Loebs, Brian Augustyn, Chee & Leno Carvalho

Every once in a while an anthology just stumbles onto a theme. It's a happy occurrence. Even though it involves zombies. Writers William Messner-Loebs and Brian Augustyn explore the role of faith and religion in the face of the coming zombie Apocalypse! Features covers by Pablo Quilgotti or Patrick Ballesteros.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Christine Boylan, William Messner-Loebs, Chee and Jon Reed.

The Boom! Horrorverse spreads its tendrils into Cthulhu Tales in a sequel to the classic Lovecraft tale, "The Colour Out Of Time." Features two alternate covers, by Scott Keating or PopArt Studios.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Michael Alan Nelson and Mateus Santolouco.

Open warfare between the Cult of Cthulhu and the followers of Nodens has spilled out onto the streets of Arkham, but as their struggle continues to rage, the Harlot reveals that she has no intention of staying on the sidelines during the Godwar. With the help of Lucifer, the Harlot sets her own plans in motion and welcomes back an old friend! Features two alternate covers, by Mateus Santolouco or Nick Percival.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Andrew Cosby, Michael Alan Nelson and Greg Scott.

Casey Williams and her fellow grad students have a rather interesting homework assignment: decrypt a recently discovered Nazi code left over from World War II. But as they begin their work, those connected with it are found dead. Casey knows that there's more to the "Enigma Cipher" than map coordinates from a 60-year-old war, but in order to save her own life, she'll have to crack the code!

128 pages, $15.99.


By Graham McNeill and Tony Parker.

Meet the Imperial Guardsmen of Blazer Company, garrisoned in a tactical position known with typical soldier's irony as Paradise City. As the Tau attack, the regiment's famed Hellhound tanks fry Tau warriors and mortars drop explosive shells on their heads. In the midst of the battle, the fate of war could tip in the Imperial forces' favor -- or tip towards betrayal and annihilation! Beginning here: a new Warhammer 40,000 saga crafted by Black Library novelist Graham McNeill! Features two alternate covers, both by artist Tony Parker.

24 pages, $3.99.


By Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton and Daniel Lapham.

The true extent of House De Kyp's treachery and corruption is about to be revealed when, without warning, a huge object impacts the surface. It's a drop pod which deposits the nightmarish juggernaut that is a Chaos Dreadnought. Tasked to wipe out both Inquisitor Alastor's team and the Damask Brothers, will Chaos reign? Features two alternate covers, both by Warhammer 40,000: Fire and Honor artist Tony Parker.

24 pages, $3.99.

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