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FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008


PHILADELPHIA -- DC Comics staged its convention staple, DC Nation, on Friday at Wizard World Phildelphia.

The panel was moderated by Ian Sattler.

Following are live highlights:

* The panel began with a slide show, including Final Crisis and its tie-ins.

* Palmiotti talked about the new Power Girl series he is writing with Justin Gray. "If you have no idea who Power Girl is, you should be able to pick up the book and understand," Palmiotti said. "Lot of big action. Everything's big in this book."

Palmiotti said a private life is established for the character and praised artist Amanda Conner's work.

A release date was not announced.

* Supergirl and Blue Beetle are invited to the treehouse in Tiny Titans.

* Bludhaven will be a part of Final Crisis.

* Sattler said every issue of Final Crisis will get bigger. "It's all about pacing," artist J.G. Jones added. "Grant (Morrison, writer) has set a very specific pace."

Jones said if readers think Final Crisis #1, it will be up quite a bit early in Final Crisis #2.

Sattler said there are "big, big surprises" in the third and fouth issues.

* Jones said Libra is a wild card in the story.

* Ethan Van Sciver said that the different colored rings will have different purposes and they will all be explained.

* Sattler said Final Crisis #3 will be the day evil wins. "I've already drawn some pretty nasty thing," Jones added.

* Jim Shooter remains writer of Legion of Super-Heroes, Sattler said.

* Palmiotti said he has "a million stories to tell" with Jonah Hex. Canadian artist Darwyn Cook is drawing July's issue, so Palmiotti and Justin Gray have Jonah going to Canada and killing some Mounties.

* There are no plans for comics based on the Mortal Kombat vs. DC game.

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