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PHILADELPHIA -- Marvel Comics kicked off its Wizard World Philadelphia programming on Friday with its Mondo Marvel panel.

Panelists include Duane Swierczynski, C.B. Cebukski, Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, Dan Slott, Brian Reed, Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak.

Following are highlights:

* Mike Deodato becomes the artist of Wolverine: Origins in September. The book will be crossing over with X-Men: Legacy.

* "Manifest Destiny" is the new story umbrella for the X-Men books, kicking off in Uncanny X-Men #500.

* Age of the Sentry, clasic Jeff Parker Nick Dragott and Paul Tobin. "It's a cool retro series that tells some interesting aspects of the Sentry," Quesada said.

* King-Sized Cable Special is a 48-pager in September by Duane Swierczynski and Ken Lashley, told through Bishop's perspective.

* Quesada said that Skaar: Son of Hulk is generating a buzz in the office, with Ron Garney "channeling his inner John Buscema."

* Magneto: Testament launches in September from Greg Pak and Carmine DiGiandomenico. "It's the story of a young Jewish boy and his family struggling to sruvive against the onslaught of the Nazi ascendcy and the 'Final Solution,'," Pak said.

* In response to a fan's complaint, Brevoort said the new logo and cover treatment for Fantastic Four will remain.

* Quesada said there will be closure with the events regarding the changes in Spider-Man. "You have no idea how Harry came back," Quesada said. "We do."

* Quesada said there are "huge upheavels and huge revelations" about the Ultimate Universe in Ultimate Origins. "It's going to change the foundation of many of the characters," he said, adding that it will draw a clean line between the Marvel and Ultimate Universes.

* Cebulski said the new Deadpool series will be "the Deadpool you know and love," adding that writer Daniel Way has captured the voice of the character.

* Slott said there will be "a lot more of the Taskmaster" in Avengers: The Initiative.

* Brevoort said that Alan Heinberg is working on something that could be announced soon.

* Quesada said something is in the pipeline with Cloak and Dagger.

* Cebulski said there aren't any plans for a Loners ongoing, but there are plans for the characters.

* Quesada said Joss Whedon is busy and probably won't be involved with Marvel for a while.

* Gravity will be in an Avengers: Initiative one-shot by Christos Gage and Steve Uy. He will lead a Nevada team called Gravity and the Heavy-Hitters.

* Asked about Ultimate Thor, Quesada said something might happen, but probably not until later next year.

* Reed said that his job in writing Ms. Marvel is thrown her under the bus. "In the next three issues, she is the only person fighting the Skrulls in New York City -- and then it gets real bad," Reed said.

* Pak said there are plans for the Warbound. "I can't tell you where or when, but keep buying my books and you'll see them," Pak said.

* Slott said that Hawaiian team will be featured in Avengers: The Initiative #14, with other upcoming stories dealing with Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida.

Slott said that the New Mexico team will only have two members, but one of them will be a classic Avengers character.

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