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SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2008


PHILADELPHIA -- Marvel Comics staged its Cup O' Joe panel at Wizard World Philadelphia on Saturday.

Panelists include Joe Quesada, C.B. Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Fred Van Lente and marketing's Arune Singh.

Following are live highlights:

Stephen King's The Stand comes to Marvel in September. The first story arc is "Captain Trips" and will be written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, with art by Mike Perkins.

The Stand covers are by Lee Bermejo.

There will be dual midnight releases for The Stand and the new Dark Tower series, Singh said.

* Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker will be creators Marvel Zombies 3 in September. "They are invading the Marvel Universe," Van Lente said. "It will be an in-continuity series."

A group of Marvel heroes will have to go to the Zombieverse.

* Demon Slayer is four-issues from Brian Keen and Chris Samne in September.

* Lady Bullseye will be introduced in September in Daredevil.

* Quesada said Runaways is relaunching with a new No. 1 to bring new attention to the book and its new creative team of Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos.

* Asked about other media with Civil War, Quesada said he couldn't speak for other departments. "I could see a video game very easily," he said.

* Quesada said he could see a lot of Reginald Hudlin's Black Panther comic in BET's new animated series.

* Cebulski said Adrian Alphona is taking some time out of comics, but is hoping he returns to Marvel.

* Quesada said Howard Chaykin is "bringing a very demented twist" to the new Squadron Supreme series.

* Cebulski said Alex Maleev's art on Halo #3 is pending approval from Bungee.

* Quesada said that every script by Damon Lindelof for Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk is in except the final one, and Leinil Francis Yu is currently involved in Secret Invasion.

* Will an Ultimtate Universe book get canceled after Ultimatum? "I don't know," Quesada said. "Those are rumors. There will be changes."

* Quesada said sales have been "healthy" for Amazing Spider-Girl.

* Quesada said the story of what happened on the wedding day of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson is "a very good one."

* Brevoort said Harry Osborn's son is living in New Jersey with Liz, "tearing up little Spider-Man dolls."

* Brevoort said Baron Zemo will "turn up when you least expect it."

* Quesada reiterated his concern to keep the Ultimate, MAX and Icon lines limited. "We want to keep the quality as high as possible," he said.

* Hulk #7-9 will be tag-teamed by artists Frank Cho and Art Adams.

* Quesada said Marvel's comics division is now more involved with the film division than ever before.

* Cebulski said there has been talk about using Rikki Barnes, who is now in the Marvel Universe after Onslaught: Reborn.

* Van Lente likened Marvel Zombies 3 as what Aliens was to Alien.

* Quesada said work continues on the Joph Loeb/J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man story. "They're working very, very hard on the book and you will see it," Quesada said, noting that it doesn't tie to any of the big events from the publisher.

* Quesada said Marvel comics being sold at supermarkets isn't financially feasible.

* Brevoort said that Amazing Spider-Man Family will connect much more to the Brand New Day universe that Spider-Man Family did.

* Brevoort said "a couple of familiar faces" with the previous incarnation of Guardians of the Galaxy will be appear in the first several issues of the new series.

* Brevoort said that the intention of J. Michael Straczynski is for any characters surviving after The Twelve be integrated into the Marvel Universe.

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