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SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2008



Written by Chad Helder, pencils by Rey Armenteros, covers by Armenteros and Joel Robinson.

One of classic Hollywood's most famous scary men, Vincent Price made a name for himself in classic mysteries and thrillers throughout the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Now Vincent Price Presents comes to Bluewater Productions as their 1st ongoing monthly series. The series will feature some of Pricesšs films as well as developing new frightening ones with his estate. Welcome back to the macabre world of Vincent Price.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chad Helder, art and cover by Daniel Crosier.

Spectral Phantasms have invaded our world. These ghostly creatures from another dimension occupy the human brain and endow their host with spectacular paranormal abilities. Private investigator Gordon Watt, long-aware of the spectral phantasms, investigates a bizarre series of scissor-murders. With the help of a powerful psychic named Jessica, Gordon soon discovers a connection between the phantasms and the mystery of a vengeful, undead boy named Bartholomew. But humanity faces a greater threat: the White Blob emerges from the abyss to colonize pockets of human society. Gordon and Jessica must enlist the help of Bartholomew and the hideous power of his Scissor Swarm or face assimilation by the growing colony of the White Blob.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chad Helder, art and cover by Daniel Crosier.

The horror continues this month as Gordon and Jessica penetrate deeper into the mystery of Bartholomew to learn about the origin of Bartholomew and the horrific Scissor Swarm. The uncanny psychic vision of the Fire Doppelganger reveals the horrific details of Bartholomew's abduction and murder. Unbeknownst to the investigators, Bartholomew is watching, and he doesn't appreciate the team probing into his past. Meanwhile, the White Blob gains strength and numbers.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chad Helder, art and cover by Giovanni Timpano.

The new series of gothic and macabre stories with surprising twists for a new generation of Vincent Price fans. Orok is the fire-maker for a clan of Neanderthals in the primordial European forest. When an unspeakable creature claims the life of his young daughter, Orok must venture into the darkest recesses of the human psyche where he confronts the dawning of a horrible legend.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Scott Davis, art by Sebastian Piriz, covers by Piriz and AZIM.

Alliances, friendships and faith are all tested as the 5th Squadron come face to face with the perils of The Source. In their relentless search for a missing member, the squadron encounters a place outside of their collective understanding that is considerably more than it seems and falls victim to the unknown dangers that lie behind every turn. However, there is one being who might help; but finding him means avoiding the giant creatures, the Elementals, that are everywhere--in the air, under the ground, in the water. But not even Britain's elite flying team and Germany's top ace cannot imagine the consequences of getting home. This second installment of the limited four-part series takes one of Ray Harryhausen's most cherished and talked about unrealized projects and brings it to life.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Max Landis, art and cover by Kevin Gentilcore.

The epic story concludes as the battle for control over Mysterious Island. The Cyclops tribe fights along side the humans against the Ymir! Donšt miss this exciting conclusion if Ray Harryhausen and Jules Vernešs sequel to the classic film.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written, art and cover by Alan Brooks.

Ret and Glenda try to patch things up and settle down. Things prove difficult when they discover their domestic bliss is in jeapordy from the discovery of Ricky [Glenda's son] being a bio creation from the UNtopian Clone FACTories. The FACTories are discovered to be a propoganda broadcasting facility and the real Ricky is still in the future. No time for Ret to put his troubles on hold anymore. It is time for renewed effort against the Corporation and Pat Riot. Time to find out just who or what is real or illusion in the 'Destinies Designed' controlled world of Pat Riot and UNtopia.Ret wonders why he is the only one to care at all anyway!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by J.S. Earls and David A. Flanary Jr., art by Andres Guinadlo, cover by Joel Robinson.

The explosive, action-packed grand finale to the limited-series! Not only will Bluewater reveal the winners of the New Pistolfist Costume Design Contest, but -- (spoiler alert!) -- Ben Franklin dies in this issue!

32 pages, $3.99.

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