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TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2008



By various.

Help Boom! support comic-book artist Josh Medors, recently diagnosed with cancer, by ordering the benefit comic book Pulp Tales! This two-fisted one-shot features all-new, action-packed stories by horror master Steve Niles, P.U.N.K.S' Josh Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain, '76's B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck, Capote in Kansas' Chris Samnee, In My Lifetime's Tony Fleecs, and more! Available in regular and prestige editions, with covers by Ben Templesmith and Josh Medors! All proceeds will go to Josh Medors and his family.

$3.99 (Prestige edition, $9.99).


By Tom Peyer.

True fact -- fabled pirate Jean Lafitte spent his last years not on the high seas, but in Texas. Guess who his best friend was? Jim Bowie. What adventures must a swashbuckling corsair and an American frontiersman have had together in the Old West? Itís Deadwood with pirates, man.

24 pages, $3.99.


By William Messner-Loebs and Andrew Ritchie.

The history of the most infamous book known to man continues to unfurl! Student Ali Said is caught between the warring forces that want the Necronomiconís power for their own -- but Said knows that neither side intends to leave the world better off. In order to save mankind, Said will have to plumb the mysteries of the book itself -- and pray that he can do so without going mad!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Andrew Cosby, Andy Schmidt and Marcelo Mueller.

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Now, imagine you're on a -- I didn't say breathe! -- on a sunken submarine at the bottom of the ocean, teetering on enough methane ice to blow the world in half if you make the slightest wrong move. Your only prayer of survival lies with the only diver on Earth who's ever gone this deep. Of course, that time he lost his wife and half his crew, and he's older now. Comforted? No?

24 pages, $3.99.


By Gary Phillips and Sergio Carrera.

The Sopranos was about the soap opera of upper-class mob life. What do you get, Phillips asked, when you transplant that tension to the African-American gangs of inner-city Los Angeles? Answer -- You get the story of CQ, a young man who's set his sights on becoming the boss of the L.A. rackets -- if he lives to see the dawn!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Chris Morgan, Kevin Walsh and Wilfredo Torres.

The Queen of Thorns has set her sights on Hooke and his accomplices and will not rest until he is captured -- and forced to face the truth about who and what he is!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Johanna Stokes and Leno Carvalho.

The ultimate locked-room murder has been committed. Someone's been killed aboard the international space-station two hundred and twenty miles above the Earth. And now that the killer has at last been revealed, it's going to take more than science to save the rest of the crew -- it's going to take a huge leap of faith!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Brendan Hay and Nate Watson.

Boom!'s first horror-romance barrels towards its bizarre climax! Wrighty, the Shambling Terror of Rumson, continues to try to win the heart of high-schooler Molly by smiting her enemies. It sucks for Molly that everyone in town now thinks she's the hatchet-wielding crazeoid behind all this. On the plus side, though, she's now the prom queen. In a class of, like, nine survivors. Eight. Seven. Hurry up and buy the book before they're all gone!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Monte Cook and Jeremy Rock, covers by Shane Oakley and Lee Moder.

Novelist and RPG designer Monte Cook brings his skills to Boom! with his Zombie Tales debut, "Headshot," a macabre tale of survival and sacrifice.

24 pages, $3.99 Features covers by Shane Oakley and Lee Moder.


By John R. Fultz amd Mark Rahner, covers by Chee and Michel Fiffe.

Boom! presents the Cthulhu Tales debut of Primordia writer and Lovecraft scholar John R. Fultz, writer for Weird Tales magazine, who tells the chilling tale of what happens when ìA Stranger Comes to Night Hill!î Also, Seattle Times writer Mark Rahner pits the irresistible force of the old-god worshippers against the immovable object known as Child Protective Services -- and no one wins!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Michael Alan Nelson and Mateus Santolouco.

At last, Mr. Arkham's plans are coming to fruition and the warring cults of Cthulhu and Nodens begin their death-march toward battle. But as Cy and Lucifer continue to search for a way to stop the coming Godwar, an ancient city begins its slow ascent from the frigid depths of the ocean. Has Cthulhu finally heard the Call?

24 pages, $3.99.


By various.

Collecting the first four issues of Cthulhu Tales: The Series! Steve Niles, master of modern comics horror, makes his first foray into the Lovecraft mythos with two disturbing tales of evil. William Messner-Loebs introduces two strange detectives who won't soon be forgotten. Mark Waid struggles to keep up. Luckily, he has the help of Tom Peyer, Michael Alan Nelson, Christine Boylan and others! Viva Nyarlathotep!

128 pages, $15.99.


Cthulhu makes a call to New York City and strikes a familiar pose on the Empire State Building. Featuring art by Left On Mission cover artist Steph Stamb, this 24" x 36" poster will make a terrifying addition to your wall. But don't stare too long! Limited to 1,000.

24 inches by 36 inches, $14.99.


By Kieron Gillen and Dwayne Harris, covers by Karl Richardson.

When the Chaos-vermin Skaven rise from their endless burrows, there's always a vile purpose in mind. So when a vast horde equipped with unfathomable weaponry sweep into a backwater of the Empire, disgraced Greatsword leader Frohlich knows there has to be a reason. But can he find out what it is before the thin shield of human steel shatters beneath an irresistible hail of warpstone bullets?

24 pages, $3.99.


By Graham McNeill and Tony Parker, covers by Parker.

The Tau ready another attack against the Imperial Guard defenses, armed with inside tactical information from their source on the Imperial planet. Blazer Company is ready, but difficult choices will have to be made during the heat of battle when the scales of war tip against them!

24 pages, $3.99. Features two alternate covers, both by series artist Tony Parker.


By Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton and Daniel Lapham, covers by Tony Parker.

The true extent of House De Kyp's treachery and corruption is about to be revealed when, without warning a huge object impacts the surface. It's a drop pod which deposits the nightmarish juggernaut that is a Chaos Dreadnought. Tasked to wipe out both Inquisitor Alastor's team and the Damask Brothers, will Chaos reign?

24 pages, $3.99.


By Matt Forbeck and Lads Helloven, covers by Helloven.

Welcome to the hyper-violent hilarity of Blood Bowl, the miniseries that puts the fantasy (as in elves, dwarves, orcs, and ogres) back into football! In this climactic issue, the Bad Bay Hackers take on the Champions of Death in a bid for the Blood Bowl Championship trophy. Assassin Kalter M–rder still hopes to kill Hacker hero Dunk Hoffnung, but he has to compete for the honor with his shocking client, not to mention a small army of the undead!

24 pages, $3.99.


By Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton and Rahsan Ekedel.

From the same team that brought you Warhammer: Forge Of War! When Witch Hunter Magnus Gault hears that the nearby village of Loughville has fallen prey to the canker of Chaos, he is driven to investigate. Once there, he finds the buildings rancid and rotted and the villagers wretched and mutated -- eager to prey upon any lost soul who should come their way. Can one man stand against this monstrous regiment? Collecting all five issues from the hit mini-series. Available in softcover and limited edition hardcover.

128 pages, $16.99 (Limited Edition Hardcover, $49.99).

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