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FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2008


ROSEMONT, Ill. -- Marvel Comics kicked off its Wizard World Chicago progamming on Friday with its Mondo Marvel panel.

On the panel were Marc Sumerak, Tom Brevoort, Bill Rosemann, Brian Reed, C.B. Cebulski, Mike Perkins, Peter David and marketing's Jim McCann.

Highlights included:

* Rosemann unveiled Grag Land's cover to Marvel Zombies 3 #1, which featured Machine Man and Jocasta. "It impacts our continuity" he said.

* Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning were announced as exclusive to Marvel. "They're dedicated to the cosmos," Rosemann said. "They're traveling to New York in July and we're making big plans for 2009."

* Luke Ross is exclusive to Marvel and will be working on Captain America, beginning with #43. Steve Epting is not leaving the book; Ross is basically take Perkins' spot now that he is on The Stand.

Storm: Worlds Apart starts in October and is written by Chris Yost. McCann said the four-issue series shows how she balances her roles in Wakanda and the X-Men. The artist will be announced.

Ghost Rider #28 is "Ghost Rider vs. Ghost Rider", and its Johnny Blaze vs. Danny Ketch. To go with that is Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch, written by Simon Spurrier, and will catach readers up to what Danny's been up to and why he's at odds with Johnny.

* Wolverine: Manifest Destiny starts in October and is by Jason Aaron and Stephen Segovia.

* Marvel has more What If? one-shots.

What If Spider-Man: Back in Black is by Steven Grant and Gus Vasquez and is what if Mary Jane had been shot instead of Aunt May.

What If Secret Wars deals with what if Doctor Doom kept the powers of the Beyonder. It is written by Karl Bollers.

What If World War Hulk is written by Greg Pak and deals with Bruce Banner being in charge instead of the Hulk.

Sumerak is writing What If Fallen Son, dealing with if Iron Man had been killed instead of Captain America. Art is by Trevor Goring.

Reed and McCann are writing What If House of M, in which there are no super-powered heroes left in the Marvel Universe, and Iron Man must take on all the technologically powered villains.

Cebulski is writing What If Runaways/Young Avengers back-ups in all the one-shots.

* David said the She-Hulk/X-Factor crossover was a response to readers' requests. Stories in X-Factor will then be self-contained.

David said that X-Factor is set in Detroit because X-Factor artist Larry Stroman lives there.

* Cebulski said there have been discussions about the Loners.

* When Darwin shows up in X-Factor #33, David said readers will have an idea where he has been.

* Reed said Secret Invasion: Front Line will be one story, but told through multiple perspectives. "We're touching on as many big events on the main mini-series as we can," he said.

* Brevoort said the problem with collecting Master of Kung Fu involves licensing issues with Fu Manchu. "I got Godzilla collected, so I'll get Master of Kung Fu, too," he said.

* Brevoort said there are no plans for the Great Lakes Initiative.

* Part of the second Marvel Alliance video game will be based partially on Civil War, Cebulski said. He added that he won't be involved, but he know who's being talked to and it should make fans happy.

* Cebulski talked about Magik's return. "Come December, there will be an X-Men event," he teased.

* Rosemann said that the Secret Invasion: Inhuman mini-series will continue the events in the previous two Inhumans mini-series.

* Rosemann said the new Zombies series will feature Machine Man responding to the zombie threat.

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