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MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008



By various.

The 9th edition in the line of classic Archie graphic novel collections! By popular demand, we're serving up a heaping helping of the decade that led up to the Millennium, one of the most interesting and hilarious decades ever for America's favorite comic book teens: the 1990s. Rock out to the sensational sounds of boy bands, grunge and alternative music; chow down with the fat free dessert craze; laugh your head off at silly talk radio, and hook up your satellite dish so you can enjoy purple dinosaurs, funny home videos, teens from Beverly Hills and more! Itšs all here and then some in this uproarious edition chock full of comedy classics! Carrying on the tradition of the other Americana entries, this edition features a fully-painted cover by fan-favorite Rex Lindsey, and each story is meticulously restored and re-colored to match its original brilliance.

96 pages, $11.95, in stores on Oct. 29.


Written by Batton Lash, art by Bill Galvan.

The thrilling "Freshmen Year Saga" continues. The first year of high school has been an eventful one for Archie and his friends, and it's all leading towards a whirlwind finale! But the teens still have some time to go yet. In this latest installment, they are evaluated by their teachers who report their progress to their folks on "parent-teacher" night. How will they fare once their parents learn how they're doing? Meanwhile, in social life, love triangles abound, and so do pranks -- some playful, some nasty. But none nastier than the bikers who have been bedeviling the town. All this, plus a surprise or two!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Oct. 29.


"The Mystery of the Museum Sleep-in": The museum is a scream for Archie and Jughead. Inspired by a favorite film, the pals decide to spend a night at the museum to experience maximum spookage. And experience it they do, as statues suddenly come towards them! Are these artifacts coming to life for real, or is somebody playing the ultimate Halloween "trick" on our unsuspecting teens?

Participating Comic Book Shops give a copy of this comic to customers on Halloween. If you would like to give these mini-comics out at your home for Halloween, you need to contact your local comic retailer and order them today. The mini-comics are bundled in groups of 50 and have to be ordered in July.


Written by Jane Smith Fisher, art by Stan Goldberg.

"Battle of the Bands, Part One": The greatest comic book band in the world is out to prove its supremacy in the most decisive fashion possible: by winning a "Battle of the Bands" competition. This isnšt just any contest -- at stake is a first prize Tropical Island vacation! But two sour notes threaten their presumed victory: Veronicašs selfishness and Reggiešs mysterious disappearances. Can the band recover and end on a high note? A longtime advocate for kidšs comics, writer Jane Smith Fisher has devoted her career to telling age-appropriate stories in series such as "Cybernauts" and the highly popular "WJHC," about a group of teens who start their own high school radio station.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Oct. 8.


Written by George Gladir, Bill Golliher, Mike Pellowski and various, art by Jeff Shultz, Pat Kennedy, Randy Elliott and various.

"The Surprise Present": When an enterprising elf conceives a website where Christmas lists can be automatically submitted, Santa decides to do a trial run in a little town called Riverdale. "Santa Claws": Not a creature was stirring -- except for all the pets that came to the department store to get their photos taken with Santa Archie! "Price Clubbed": Nothing can stop Fred Andrews' quest to find the perfect... and perfectly priced... Christmas tree! "The Gift Horse Laugh": In this poignant Christmas tale, Riverdale's resident prankster Reggie proves he's not a Scrooge, but has a generous heart after all! Plus: Classic yuletide tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

88 pages, $2.49, in stores on Oct. 15.


Written by Bill Galvan, George Gladir and various, art by Galvan, Henry Scarpelli and various.

"To Play or Not to Play": Feeling the stress of studies, extracurricular activities and college applications, the gang decides to put the Archies on hiatus -- until Jughead convinces his band mates to appear in a high school musical he's written about a teen rock band stressed out by their studies, extracurricular activities and college applications! "Toy Story": A short time ago, in a town called Riverdale not too far away... Jughead has dragged Archie to a toy store at midnight so he can be among the first to purchase the new "Star Lores" action figures! "Pre-Exam Insurance": Archie's convinced that petting Betty's cat Carmel is good luck before an exam... but the only thing between Archie and a passing grade is the tree Carmel's stuck in! Plus: Other new and classic tales. Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups.

176 pages, $3.69, in stores on Oct. 29.


Written by George Gladir, Barbara Slate, Samantha Slate and Kathleen Webb, art by Jeff Shultz.

"My Parrot is Gone": Veronica decides to train a parrot to do tricks so they can audition for the "People & Their Pets" TV competition... but it seems the parrot's best trick is a disappearing act! Can Betty, in her guise of "Nancy Clue, Girl Detective", track down the "fowl felon" who perpetrated the parrot purloining? "Red Carpet Ready": The N-TV awards are the hottest ticket in town, so naturally the girls need to be at their stylish best when they attend the show! "In on the Game?": Three cheers for girly-girls -- in Veronica's world, all a cheerleader really needs to do is physically show up!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Oct. 22.


Written by Dan Parent, Mike Pellowski and various, art by Parent, Tim Kennedy and various.

"There's No Place Like Riverdale": After reading her favorite "Oz" books once again, a bump on the head sends Betty traveling down the "yellow brick road" for real... sort of. Before too long she's running into witches that look like Veronica, tin men that look like Jughead and scarecrows that look like Archie! "Window of Opportunity": Staring out the window during class sends Betty's imagination soaring... but will it send her grades sinking? Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

88 pages, $2.49, in stores on Oct. 8.


Written by Dan Parent, George Gladir and various, art by Parent, Pat Kennedy and various.

The thrilling conclusion to the 5-part, interactive story where Cheryl Blossom's new boyfriend -- as voted by the readers of archie comics -- will finally be revealed! "And the Winner Is... Part 5 of 5": Well, the election results are in and the United States is about to have its first... oh wait, that's that other election! This election is the one where you the readers pick Cheryl Blossom's new boyfriend... and the results are in! Four issues ago, Reggie and Cheryl broke up, and Cheryl wound up on the TV show "The Lonely Hearts Club" in search of a new beau. Three hot contestants stepped up for the challenge, and you the reader witnessed each of their dates with Cheryl and placed your votes for who you thought Cheryl should choose online at! This issue, the new man in Cheryl's life is finally revealed... but not before the host of the show treats all the participants to a wacky recap of clips featuring all their foul-ups and blunders! Where will this latest shake-up in the Archie-verse lead? "The Pledge": Betty and Veronica vow to go through an entire day without thinking about, mentioning, or talking to Archie... yep, that'll work! "Movie Magic": In a modern-day twist on the classic 1940's story "Double Trouble," Archie once again finds himself entangled in the eternal love triangle while trying to enjoy a night at the movies! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.69, in stores on Oct. 22.


Written by George Gladir, Fernando Ruiz and various, art by Ruiz and various.

"Pajama Tardy": To avoid being late, Jughead decides to wear his pajama pants to school! "In the Pink": Jughead conceives a robot to conserve energy... his own! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

88 pages, $2.49, in stores on Nov. 5.


Written by Fernando Ruiz, George Gladir, Kathleen Webb and various, art by Ruiz, Pat Kennedy and various.

"Fool Pigeon": In an attempt to swing Veronica's attention away from Reggie's flashiness and back to him, Archie hopes to romance her with love notes from a homing pigeon. Of course, there's no guarantee the bird will deliver the message to the intended recipient! "The Expert Supreme": In order to not be noticed making multiple trips to the food sample area of the discount warehouse store, Jughead does the unthinkable: he appears in public without his trademark crown cap! "Too Much is Not Enough": Both Jughead and Archie plan to indulge themselves this weekend -- Jughead with a smorgasbord of food, and Archie with a bevy of beauties to date! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.69, in stores on Oct. 8.


Written by Melanie J. Morgan and various, art by Tod Smith, Al Milgrom and various.

The second part of a new four-part story in the "dynamic new look" -- and this time, Moose and Midge's romance hangs in the balance! "Break-up Blues Part 2": Last issue, Midge decided to take a break from her possessive boyfriend Moose... and Moose obliged! Now with Midge and Moose dating others, the once close-knit friends at Riverdale High are awash in turmoil! Even though he's taken Midge out on a few dates, Reggie is having second-thoughts as Midge is obviously missing Moose... and Reggie is missing the cat-and-mouse game he used to have so much fun playing with Moose! Does Reggie hold the key in getting Moose and Midge back together... or will his involvement only draw Midge closer to him? And what will Moose's new girlfriend Judy Johnson have to say about it? Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages $3.69, in stores on Nov. 5.


Written by Tania del Rio, art by Lindsey Cibos and Jim Amash.

"Remembrance, Part 3": The countdown to issue #100 continues in this thrilling issue. With Sabrina and the renegade group The Four Blades under constant pressure, it seems their leader is losing his nerve. But when things seem to get better for the Four Blades and Sabrina, one of its shadowy members leaves the group only to put them in unimaginable danger! Things go from bad to worse for Sabrina as trouble at home puts her on the edge, not to mention a face-to-face confrontation with the Queen of the Magic Realm, will change everything forever! A new romance for Zelda with former bad guy Atticus Rex and an excursion to explore the treasure aboard a sunken ship add to the intrigue in true spellbinding fashion!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Oct. 15.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Steven Butler and Terry Austin, cover by Pat Spaziante.

"Big Trouble in Little Station Square, Part One": S.O.N.I.C.X. -- the secret Sonic-hating organization -- is at it again! They have a special serum that will turn Sonic into the monster they think he "really is." The problem now is: how do you catch the fastest thing alive? It's a high-speed chase through the city with a special guest appearance by the Chaotix and an ending so big you won't believe it!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Oct. 22.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Tracy Yardley and Jim Amash, covr by Yardley and Jason Jensen.

"Otherside Part One": Good comes face-to-face with evil... and it's just like looking in a mirror as Sonic and the Freedom Fighters square off against their evil doppelgangers from another world! With King Scourge (the evil anti-Sonic from another dimension) and the Suppression Squad controlling Freedom HQ, Sonic and Amy are sent across time and space to Moebius... the Anti-Mobius, that is! They run into some familiar faces in this topsy-turvy world, but who is friend and who is foe? And back home, what sinister scheme is Miles hatching?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Oct. 8.


Written by Dan Parent and Mike Pellowski, art by Parent.

"She's So Gifted": Encouraged to give gifts that are truly from the heart this holiday season, Veronica realizes her special gift is wrapping gifts... and offers to do the wrapping for all her family and friends! "Tree Experts": To avoid the stress of arguments and clashing tastes, the Lodges decide to hire a team of "experts" to trim their Christmas tree. They soon learn precision can't beat the joy of family togetherness!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Nov. 5.

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