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SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics kicked off its Comic-Con International programming on Thursday with a panel devoted to the X-Men.

Panelists included Nick Lowe, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Craig Kyle, Daniel Way, Majoroie Liu, C.B. Cebulski and marketing's Jim McCann. Axel Alonso remained in New York, and Chris Yost was stuck in traffic and couldn't attend.

Following is a rundown of live highlights:

* Liu talked about NYX and said she doesn't try to think about filling Joe Quesada's shoes as artist.

* Lowe said that the team's move to San Francisco is a "seimsic change" in the X-Men history.

* Kyle said the first six issues will wrap up the first arc in "a dark place." The team will fatten up and the second arc will focus more on Warpath.

* Lowe said there's some "bad-ass" stuff in the Storm mini-series.

* Fraction said there will be a Sisterhood of Evil Mutants in Uncanny X-Men. Lowe noted that both Uncanny artists, Greg Land and Terry Dodson, are known for drawing females.

Fraction said that the move to San Francisco will involve a lot of people rotating in and out of the city. "Part of that is so we don't get stuck with seven dudes and storm," he said.

* Fraction said Dazzler is returning.

* Way said the first arc for the new Deadpool book is done. "It looks incredible and it's the most fun I've ever had," he said.

* Original Sin crossover will begin with a one-shot before crossing over with Wolverine: Origins and X-Men: Legacy through October and Novmeber.

* Aaron said that Wolverine will have some unfinished business in Chinatown, with his ex-girlfriend the head of a triad. He said it's his love letter to Hong Kong theater.

* The next big X-Men event will start in December and is called X Infernus -- a sequel from Inferno -- and features Magik. It was pitched as an annual with David Finch, but it was decided to the story was too big for one issue, and Finch became busy with Ultimatum. The artist for X Infernus will be announced, and Finch will be doing covers.

* Lowe said Iceman will be a key character in Manifest Destiny. "He has an altercation with a a major X-villain, which I want to keep as a surprise," Lowe said.

* Asked about Mojo, Fraction replied, "How about Spiral?"

* Asked about Apocalypse, Lowe said, "That is a good question."

* Asked about Jean Grey, Fraction said, "That is a great question. We whould get together and figure something out."

McCann said that Jean is a character who "is batted around a lot in the Marvel offices."

Fraction said seeds are being planted.

* Fraction said Manifest Destiny deals with what's next and how the mutants go forward after Messiah CompleX.

* Lowe said Gambit and Rogue will both be big parts of X-Men: Legacy.

* Way said 'Pool-vision is a way to bring something new. "I thought it was time to show the world the way Deadpool sees it," he said. "You're seeing the manufactured way he sees things."

Way said readers should wonder if he's actually crazy or if it's an artifice.

Slipstream and Lifeguard will be seen in 2009, McCann said. Lowe said there are no plans for Cecilia Reyes, and it's unclear if she's alive or dead.

* Way said that Deadpool might be "too volatile" to be brought aboard the X-Men team. "Deadpool will be rubbing elbows with a lot of the X-character -- and not always in a nice way," Way said.

* Fraction said Uncanny X-Men #504 will deal with the fate of Kitty Pryde.

* Lowe said the X-Men are usually on the outskirts of the Marvel Universe.

* Future for X-Statix characters? "I do love Doop. I love Doop so much," Lowe said, adding there are no immediate plans for the characters with Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

* Asked about the fact that promotional images show Angel with metallic wings and organic wings, Kyle said, "(It's) one character. That issue will be deal with soon."

* Way said it's a distinct possibility that Dakin, Wolverine's son, will meet X-23. He said the character will be integrated more after Original Sin.

* Lowe said Sabretooth isn't coming back. "He's dead," he said.

* Lowe said Juggernaut will appear in "an interesting way" in a non-X-Men book next year.

* Inquiries about Vulcan, the Shi'Ar and the Starjammers were replied with, "See you at the Secret Invasion panel."

* Asked about Cipher, Lowe said to pick up Young X-Men #5.

* Cebulski said that the Dakota North mini-series is shelved for now, but he hopes to revisit. "Bru (Ed Brubaker) has been doing a great job with her in Daredevil," he said.

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