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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008


SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics continued its Comic-Con International programming on Friday with its staple, Cup O' Joe.

Panelists included Joe Quesada, C.B. Cebulski, Orson Scott Card, Eric Shanower, Reginald Hudlin, Jeph Loeb and marketing's Jim McCann.

Following is a rundown of highlights:

* Danny Miki and Khoi Pham have signed exclusives with Marvel. Paolo Rivera has renewed his exclusive with Marvel and Quesada said he will be brining a non-painted approach to his new work.

* Marvel aanounced its 70th anniversary. Quesada said there will be several projects to commemorate the milestone.

* "More surprises to come," Loeb said about the Red Hulk.

* Card said he is "thrilled" about watching Ender's Game coming to comics visually. "Chris Yost's scripts are terrific, and of course, Pasqual (Ferry) is doing a wonderful job."

Quesada noted that Ferry was a big fan of Ender's Game. "He was kind of lobbying for a job that he already had," he said.

Card noted that Yost started out being a little too respectful of the book. He told Yost to eliminate narration and make the story all in scenes and "do what comics do." Yost took the criticism constructively and Card said he made the story "so powerful."

Card said whatever Marvel does in the comic will be how the property will look in other media, including a game and a movie.

* Quesada said it "would be great" to see something like Civil War or Secret Invasion in the future of Marvel films.

* Asked about his plans for the Hulk, Loeb said the Red Hulk will fight Thor in #5, followed by a fight between the Green Hulk and Red Hulk -- with a definite conclusion. Frank Cho and Arthur Adams will be providing art for a split book feature both colors of the character.

Loeb said he likes to enable artists who like to draw the Hulk a chance to "jump in" and then "jump out."

He said both the Red Hulk and the Green Hulk will be around "for a long time."

* The 'Lil Hulk one-page featurettes will begin in #4, written by Loeb's daughter. They will include a "Smurfy" Blue Hulk.

* Asked about Ultimate Daredevil, Loeb noted the sub-title of Ultimatum is "the beginning of the end" and there might not be an Ultimate Daredevil.

* Quesada said Paul Cornell has a good grasp on magic in the Marvel Universe. He would like to be able to do something with the magical side of the Marvel Universe as Annihilation did with the cosmic side. "Not there yet, but we're talking about," he said.

* Quesada said Marvel is hoping to continue to hold its prices. "How long we hold the line, I honestly don't have the answer for you," he said.

* Quesada and Hudlin showed a sizzle clip for BET's new Black Panther series, with Hudlin and Denys Cowan talking about show. It included some preliminary animation, with a fight between Captain America and Black Panther, and then a scene with an army trying to invade Wakanda that looked like John Romita Jr's art moving.

Hudlin said the show will premiere in February. "As you can see in the trailer, we were completely faithful to the art of John Romita Jr," he said.

Hudlin said the show will be a "tad edgy and a tad violent" and will be very true to the series.

* Cebulski said there was simply a demand for Magik to return. "I'm just taking the next stop now," he said of the upcoming X Infernus.

* Quesada said there will be a "bit of a break" after Secret Invasion in term of big events.

* Loeb said that a major signing will be announced at the Ultimate Universe on Saturday.

* Shanower talked about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, part of Marvel's Illustrated line. Marvel approached him to write the book, and Skottie Young is providing the art. "His artwork is not derivative of any of the Wizard of Oz artwork you've seen before," he said, adding that it is "so full of life."

Shanower said the scripts are all written. There will be eight issues and it will start in December.

* Quesada said that Speedball will return in the Marvel Universe but he couldn't promise anything more than that.

* Asked about Genext, McCann said a sequel has been approved.

* Asked if Peter and Mary Jane were to get together, Quesada said that could happen but they won't be married.

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