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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008


SAN DIEGO -- Image Comics partners united to talk about their big project, Image United, and more at the Image Comics panel on Friday.

Panelists included Robert Kirkman, Whilce Portacio, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld and Erik Larsen.

Following are highlights:

* Darwyn Cooke will be writing and drawing a story for Madman Comics #14 in November.

* Coming in 2009 will be Frazetta books Combat, Neanderthal, MoonMaiden, Nightstalker and Death Dealer II.

* A two-part story will beging in Invicible #56 and continue into Astounding Wolf-Man #11. The Astounding Wolf-Man has had some legal troubles, and Invincible is brought in to apprehend them.

* The characters of The Walking Dead are going to Washington D.C., Kirkman said. "It's going to be our big push."

* Portacio's new book will be his first foray into serial super-hero comics. He will team with Kirkman on the series.

* The cover to the first issue of Image United #1, written by Kirkman, and drawn by the panelists and Todd McFarlane, was shown. It will be a six-issue mini-series in 2009 and every character will be drawn by its original character. "In every book," Valentino said.

Larsen each of the six artists will lay out one issue, with the other artists filling in their characters. Larsen laid out the first cover.

"It's going to be a great thrill ride," Kirkman said.

* Kirkman said that there is a commitment to get the book out in 2009.

* Liefeld asked Kirkman now that he's a partner, will Invincible be involved? Kirkman said he would be open to it.

* Kirkman said new series and mini-series will shoot out of Image United.

* Silvestri said Top Cow will be producing an ongoing Magdalena series. The studio announced plans for a Magdalena movie earlier in the week.

* Kirkman said that Techjacket is guest-starring in Brit but there are no plans for a series.

* Kirkman said that the Invincible movie option at Paramount has lasped.

* Valentino said that Image has always been about diverse books. "Why would that change?" he asked. * Kirkman said he doesn't remember the name of the man with handlebar moustache from The Walking Dead. * Kirkman announced a Rex Splode mini-series that will start in November.

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