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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008


SAN DIEGO -- With a popular first season having aired, the creators and voice actors from The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series returned to Comic-Con International on Friday for a panel.

Panelists include Sony's Michael Vogel, Greg Weisman, Vic Cook, Sean Galloway, voice director Jamie Thomason, Josh Keaton (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Vanessa Marshall (Mary Jane), Ben Diskin (Eddie Brock) and Robert England (Vulture).

* Vogel thanked the audience for the series' great ratings.

* Weisman said he was proud of the first 13 episode and is proud of the next 13 episodes. He thanked various show personnel in the audience.

* Keaton talked about working on the show. "It's been a real big treat. The other actors I've worked with are fantastic," he said. "This is been one of these things that have gotten me up on Saturday mornings with my bowl of cereal."

* Marshall said she "was honored" to be playing Mary Jane. "It is uber-geek camp when we record because we want to stay true to Stan Lee's vision."

* Weisman said that Diskin's recording as Venom is particularly tough because he has to double-track the voice. It has to be close but a little off so the double nature comes through.

* Cook noted that the mole on Peter Parker's cheek is due to Galloway.

* Galloway's favorite designs were for Doc Ock, Lizard and Sandman. Weisman said it was Galloway's design of J. Jonah Jameson sold him.

* Weisman said there will be four DVDs coming out. The first three collect three episodes, with last will have four episodes. The first one, Attack of the Lizard, will include additional footage that was cut for time from additional footage and "cool" credit reasons.

Cook said some of the materials put back into the DVd were cut from the show for broadcast purposes.

The DVD covers were designed to look like the show and a comic-book cover.

* A "Spidey-quip" reel was then shown, with favorite moments from the first season.

* Season 2 villains will include Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Master Planner, Molten Man, Venom, Doctor Octopus and Vulture.

* Vogel said there are no plans for guest-heroes.

* Weisman said that Flash Thompson gets more depth in Season 2, and there are arcs for him, Mary Jane, Gwen and Jonah. "I'm not even vaguely close to running out of material," he said.

* Vogel said Season 2 will air in March. A preview was then shown.

It opened with Mysterio, conjuring bat-like creatures to attack Spider-Man. Kreven was then show firing arrows at Spidey, followed by a scrap.

The Mysterio clip was directed by Jennifer Coyle, and the Kraven clip was directed by Kevin Altieri.

* Weisman said a decision was made not to take the college versions of Gwen, Harry and Mary and slap them into high school, but to extrapolate what they might have been like in high school.

"We thought that Gwen might be a little more like Peter and bloom a little bit later," Weisman said, noting she should be a character to watch in Season 2.

* Weisman said he has a fondness for Tarantula and hopes to use him eventually.

* Weisman said his plan for the first season went through pretty much unchanged. "I've had a lot of creatively freedom," he said.

* There were many discussions about Harry being Green Goblin at first. "We have a long-term plan," Weisman said. "We wanted to do a version of the Harry addiction story."

Weisman said both the Goblin and Harry will be back in Season 2.

* Stan Lee provides a voice in the first episode of Season 2. Weisman said Lee's character looks like him, so it's like his movie cameos.

* The second and third DVDs should be released around the time of the Season 2 launch.

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